Big City or Small Town - Better Dealer Discounts?

I’m shopping for a 2016 BMW 328i. The plan is to go in this Saturday for final negotiations. I found a large dealer with three of the exact same cars we could live with (same color, same MSRP, three of twenty 328i on their lot). I also found the perfect color and options packages at small town dealership, but it is their only remaining 2016 328i.

Which dealership do you think will lower the price the most to get the car off their lot before year end?


Big dealers have more holdover.

I’d say try loberant first. He has some pretty awesome deals on 328s. I guess you have to be a little flexible on colors though.

I emailed Raphael last night.
Willing to take any exterior color but black, would prefer white w/ dark brown sport seats.
Looks like dealers mostly have black or grey left on the lot.

The big dealer is more likely to have a big promotion or upfront discount but dealing with them is likely to be harder. The small dealer is more likely to negotiate more and call you back when you walk out the store.

Take quote from large dealer and ask other dealer to match it.

The small dealer sales rep ignored my big city dealer promotion quote ($7000 off MSRP and tax covered). So now, its time to pit two big city dealers against each other on final price. I will give small town one more chance.

Has anybody gotten a better deal by leasing two cars at one time?

My daughter wants a crossover for graduation and adding an X1 to the deal is a possibility.


Anything that gives you leverage is good. Esp at a time when someone might be trying to hit a volume target.