Better to use a corporate discount or negotiate your own deal?

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My employer has auto discount programs with Audi, BMW and MB. Is it better to use their program to get the car? From my understanding there’s no negotiation in these deals. Correct me if I’m wrong please. I believe Audi gives 6% off MSRP + Whatever incentives they’re offering. I know MB gives you a incentive depending on the model. Can range from 1500-2250. My question is geared more towards the Audi.

If it’s just 6%, then you can and must do better on your own. Although I thought some corporate discounts can be stacked on top of a negotiated dealer discount?

Sometimes you can use the corporate discount and then negotiate even lower.

That’s the case with the GM supplier discount

I’m going to email the Audi program now and ask if I get an additional 6% off whatever I negotiate.

That’s not how it works though. That 6% is from the dealer, not your company or the manufacturer (Audi). They won’t do another 6% off what you’d negotiate, since it’d becoming from them. As opposed to a manufacturer incentive which doesn’t cost the dealer anything.

What state you in and which Audi you trying to get?

I’m in the tri state area. I live in CT. But looking to buy in NY/NJ/PA.