Better to lease 3 row lux SUV from east coast or west coast?

Hello everyone! I’m in the market for a 3-row luxury SUV(thinking Q7, X5, Volvo XC90, MDX, RX350, etc) and am currently in transition from the Northern Jersey area to Portland, OR. I’ll be moving full time there end of 2021/beg of 2022. I have a 530e right now but will need a second car once im over there. The thing I’m debating over is whether or not I should aim for getting the car here, or just getting the car while I’m there. Obviously, logistically makes more sense to get the car there vs spending $1500 in shipping the car over, but from my research so far Portland-metro area has some pretty crappy lease deals, and not the best levels of inventory. Not to mention from the pricing I’ve seen on this forum, it looks to be a little better on the east coast vs the west coast(including cali). Not sure if anyone has insight into this or recommendation on whether or not the deals on the east coast are better.


I’d wait as long as possible and then evaluate. The market right now sucks.


Lived in Portland ~10 years before moving to Florida (granted that was ~12 years ago). PDX is a difficult market for luxury cars due to lack of competition and only Seattle being the only major US metro area within a 10-12 hour drive. Kuni controls the market out there and Seattle isn’t much better (maybe actually worse).

However, the ONE advantage of Oregon’s ridiculously high state income tax is ZERO sales tax. So waiting until you move and purchasing a new car in Oregon may be your best bet.


Amen to that. I remember looking 4-6 months ago at deal sheets, and looking at them now. Can’t believe what I’m seeing, $100-$300 increases a month. WTF. I bought a new construction home in May(which was the worst time ever to buy), trying to avoid doing the same for the wife’s whip!

Thx! Yeah I guess that makes sense, and would explain the crappy “deals” they have there. The tax thing is def an advantage for sure, but not sure even then it’s worth it in some cases. But def taking that into consideration.

Upfront taxes in NJ would be a big reason to wait and get it in OR.


Half the models you listed don’t count as 3-row SUVs though… not in any usable sense


I can confirm poor lease deals in PDX. I worked with a dealership in southern Oregon to get a better lease signed and am paying to have the car transported.


They should be called “marked as 3 row SUV”:grinning:


I should have said “2.5 row lux SUV”.

Thanks - Any areas in particular in South Oregon that are best to look at?

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