Better Than a Lease? A Balloon Loan Primer

I honestly haven’t looked at a paystub one years. I get the same check twice a month, commission in the second check. Do people look at paystubs often?

How do you guys prove income that’s in your schedule e?

Other source of income check box

Does this (balloon) make sense if trying to flip a Tesla within 2-3 months? Trying to follow the thread but not sure if I’m missing something - seems to be the go to approach?

If you want to minimize your cash outlays for those 2-3 months, than yes.

Anyone know of major financial institutions that do Balloons, not looking for bare bones interest rate just need quick and easy approval with no income verification.

I had to so hunting for my paystub in my work system

My Credit Union didn’t check pay stub, they just asked and took my answer.

Whose this?

AFG uses ALG RVs so as soon as ALG has a published program on a new vehicle, AFG will have it available.

2023 Palisade will be released by ALG on 8/9/22.

You can lease it today though a CULA CU though as we launched our Palisade program last week.


Did CULA just partner with Affinity? This appears to be recent news

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The PR went out yesterday but Affinity has been originating with CULA since June in NJ and growing rapidly. NY is starting this month with a small dealer list which will grow statewide. They have 1 more state that will turn on later this year. We typically release a PR a couple months after a credit union begins originating because we get a rush of dealers asking to join when those announcements come out and we have found that credit unions have better success when they learn to walk before running.

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but from a value perspective, assuming i’m not investing the spare money elsewhere or whatever, is this better value? or just helpful in lowering payments for now?

This. Never had a bank ask for stubs other than house. They just believed me

AFG has '23 Palisade on their calculator now.


Allegacy asked for stubs.


Are there any CU in IL which supports these BL or loan savers. Or I have to go outside the state.
Currently I have GLCU and Penfed.

Very interested in your BMW i4 m sport example. @z0lt3c

How would you recommend starting this process? I need to find a vehicle first?

How can I use the rebate as a down payment?

Do these CU pull your credit score to give you a membership or they do a pull when you apply for a loan.