Better monthly lease rate: MB C300, or Lexus IS 300?

Looking to find a very competitive lease for my wife. Looking at the Lexus IS 300, possibly Sport, and the MB C300 P2 package as her choices. Both manufacturers offer MSD’s. Which one do you feel will lease out at a more competitive monthly rate?

I’m biased. I think we talked already about the ES350 as a big bang for buck type deal. If you’re looking at the RWD, then look at the ES which is only in FWD. Otherwise the equivalent to the C300 4matic would be the IS. This is since all IS at the dealers not custom are AWD. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a RWD one. Lexus can’t move their IS sedans at all so I think incentives are pretty legit.

IS350 F Sport
Base MF: .00010. 53% 12k/36 / 52% 15k/36
Incentives are currently $3250 in cali on IS300s.

C300 4Matic - .
12k/36 10k/36
.00108 and 59% / 60%

C300 RWD
12k/36 10k/36
.00121 MF and 60%/61% residual

No incentives from MBUSA.

For monthlies you’re definitely gunna get a better number at Lexus just off the bat before you start negotiating.

There are incentives from MB.
$2000 lease cash
$2500 fleet

Where are you discovering that there are no incentives?

No deals available.

He’s pulling it out of…Edmunds, which never has correct and complete incentives. Only on their forum they can provide correct ones.

I will do the vhooloo thing and tell you that out of the C300 or IS300 you should pick the S90 or A6 which lease better lol …

…and are in a different class, altogether.

They are still cars right ???

Your truck and S60 are also cars, but a bit different
If I want smaller car, I don’t want S90

I can confirm, dealer they quoted me this month with fleet discount $2500.

Lol i wasnt gunna go crazy on research for him. I navigated the forums for mf and residuals and then just clicked incentives. Close enough :slight_smile: