Best way to turn down sales person

What is the best way to turn down a sales person? I’ve been shopping for a lease and narrowed down the list to two dealers. Both internet sales guys were super upfront and honest with similar priced leases that based on this forum seemed like good deals. Nothing crazy but leasehackr scores above 10 years, lease payment to MSRP around 0.8% for zero money down lease except for MSDs.

Anyway, the dealer I decided to go to is just closer to me. The other one is like a 1.5 hour drive.

Kind of feel bad, but I guess business is business. What should I say. Just be upfront or make some excuse.

I don’t want the dealer to hold a grudge for future potential car leases.


Just tell him what you posted here. you have equivalent deals but cant justify the 1.5 hour drive to him. Maybe he will throw you a bone for more discount or free addons??

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I hate to give this response but dealers are used to people shopping around. If you don’t follow up they’ll get the idea, and they’ll still be happy to sell you a car in a few years. Just thank him for his time and if you really want to be upfront tell him a local dealer offered a similar deal.

Just tell him you chose another dealer. Will save the salesman lots of time if they are good at follow up. That way they dont need to keep calling and emailing.

I always hate the replies “Stop I already bought. Why do you keep emailing me?” It saves you both the time and frustrations but just telling them

So how much lower does the payment need to be for the other dealer you earn your business?

post the deal you don’t take here as I’m sure someone else would snap it up given how many ‘pm me the dealer info’ messages there are. Win win.