Best way to search for a "rare" vehicle

In this instance, I am looking to purchase a VW Alltrack with a stick. I have gone to the usual places (,,) and get very different results. Is there any way I can get a comprehensive list of available vehicles??

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Right, but it will only locate dealers local to the ZIP I enter; I am prepared to travel up to 500 miles for the right color combo.

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871 Alltrack w/manual transmission show up when I use

Why don’t you find a couple that work and get quotes and go from there, any reason you want to find every single one? Have you not found any that would work? You didn’t give details on what you want.

I am looking for an SEL, stick, Marakesh interior, shows 11 nationwide, shows 99 but doesn’t offer a search of interior color

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Did you try the VW Alltrack forum? In the VW forums are dealers and classifieds.