Best way to get insurance quotes without VIN?

I am looking to finance/lease a new car with full coverage. But I was wondering what the best way is to shop for insurance and get multiple quotes. I tried getting a quote once before they forced me to give them VIN for a vehicle. Is there a way to get around this and still get accurate quotes? I live in NYC so insurance rates vary tremendously here based on vehicle. Also would appreciate any advice on how I can get the lowest rates.

the problem for precise quotes is each trim / vehicle history has a different value, that’s why the VIN is used.
You can get general quotes from most websites, but a precise quote needs the vin.

Lowest Rates is based on too many factors to list here.

There’s an Insurance Hackr thread here to get a general idea.

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try again with another company. I’ve never entered any VIN to get only a quote.

Get the VIN off the dealer website / Monroney label or search for it on one of the car sites….get as close to the trim your looking for as you can. That should get you pretty close in terms of the amount of premium will be.



Beat me to it. It’s the best way and you can always change to the correct VIN before finalizing.

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Thank you for suggesting that, I can definitely do that. Although will I have to go through with getting the policy to get a number on the vehicle? Or can I just tell them I’m interested in quotes for a specific VIN and they’ll be able to get that for me?

You should be able to get new/replacement quotes with the VIN. My insurance company saves the quote, just update the VIN if it’s different when you are ready for a policy binder.

If any insurance company is requiring you to get an actual policy before they’ll give you a price/quote, ditch them and find one of the other thousand insurance companies that practically live and die by upfront quotes.


Insurance online is just a quote. You will need a vin and reports to get an actual cost number. Lots of factors here (including any previous damage to the vehicle). The insurance company will need to run full reports on you (driving and claims history) as well as insurance score. If you know what kind of car you want you can pull a random vin online (works better with a new untiteled car as accident history on the vehicle will be irrevelent).

Also remember when shopping that price is not always the best comparison. How claims are handled and paid is just as important. Covereage is easy to mess up when doing things on your own. A good broker ( with good access to carriers) can be a great asset.

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