Best way to buy a toyota?

I’m in norcal and my local dealer has a $5k markup on all highlanders (and grand highlanders) and $3k on all 2025 camrys across the board.

is the market for toyotas that crazy everywhere?

are there any websites / tools I can use to get a good deal on a higher trim model by looking across the country, maybe?

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Didn’t the 2025 Camry just become available this wk?

Check the Marketplace. There is at least one brokers and one dealer in California.

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My easy button… and please do your due diligence: @Cody_Carter @Jrouleau426 @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto
And probably a couple more. Good luck!


Toyota Marin for below for gas highlanders….I just checked and they have an XLE gas for 2k off MSRP without negotiating further….

I’m at invoice for all that stuff at my western dealer. Just can’t discount the hybrid highlander

Feel free to text if interested


Shouldn’t be an issue to get 3500-4000 off those.

MSRP or below with my local dealer

You are in Michigan, he is in NorCal.

That said, OP - contact @Jrouleau426, @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto or @Cody_Carter as was said before.

Also do a search on CarEdge by model, trim and zip code for what you are looking for and then look at the actual dealer site to confirm price. Depending on where you are in NorCal you could have 30-50 dealers or more within 200 miles of you.

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Shipping is cheap to West Coast now as shipping companies are hurting. What he is looking for is under MSRP around here and doc fees are low with no mark ups.

I’m aware of what he is looking for and as I said he probably has 30-50 dealers within a few hundred miles of him.

Nobody is shipping a Camry from Michigan to California for $2k to save $2k.

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You would be suprised. Usually has more to do with not having to deal with dealerships though. But many people ship and get msrp after that to get the correct build they want. I ship prob 10 Toyotas a month from pa to cali

I would guess that many people are doing better than a net zero on that deal with shipping as well, even for the build.

OP doesn’t look like he is sweating dealing with the dealers, but is clearly dealing with the wrong outfit.

Awesome replies and info, thanks everyone. leasehackr community is insane

I was poking around in the Toyota main site for local inventory (no high end hybrids or plug in hybrids available from what I saw) and happened to land at this dealer’s site that’s down the street from me.

It just caught me off guard to see everything marked up like that across the board and wanted to take the temp in the community to see what the current meta was for getting a hold of these cars.

I’ll bookmark these contacts for when the time comes, definitely prefer to not have to mess around with dealers as I don’t have the time or patience for that (even if it costs a bit extra)

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Please call me, I am in Norcal and have very aggressive deals on Toyotas currently

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Longo Toyota. They don’t charge over MSRP… Calvin Lei. Internet Sales Manager. Just leased two cars from him. No nonsense, gets back to you promptly. No games. I’m going to him from now on. Tried to lowball me on my trade, but once I called him out, he made good.

Why pay MSRP when im already $1200 under MSRP in Socal :phone:


You didn’t respond to my text.

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And Longo gave me $1800 under MSRP

And he rolled over my VSP and Gap insurance over which totaled $3K. Made it very easy. Did everything in a matter of a day or two. Just went and signed and got vehicle. And second was even easier. Left is trade in, Sterling Sky on the right is the new car. Other lease was a Bz4x at below invoice PLUS Toyota $16K incentive.

If you can swing to socal to pick up the car, we can get you a better deal! And definitely NOT with those markups!:exploding_head: