Best Truck to lease right now?

Hey everyone,

New member and first time poster. I have leased a few cars in the past but only started really doing some research and stumbled upon LH. Thank you all for the posts and knowledge sharing!

Here’s what I am trying to accomplish.

Story short: I have a 2018 Impreza Wagon Premium trim with about 8000 miles on it. Subaru captive lease. Owe approximately 24k. Monthly payment is 375. I’ve been told trade in is around 18k so far. Leaves 6k negative equity.

I started a new job that requires a truck so the wagon has to go. I am looking to lease a Ford F-150 SuperCrew XL STX or Ram 1500 Big Horn. I would be open to a Tacoma/Tundra/Titan as well. Must be a crew cab as I have a 18 month old. 24 month / 12k miles preferred.

My goal is to stay close to my same payment. Around $400.

Does anyone have any thoughts on which truck I should focus on? I’m also trying to get a PCO from Ford because that will help with the negative equity.

I don’t see how $400 is possible. The negative equity (6K) on the 2 year lease is at least $250 a month alone.

If you want to dig into your pockets to cover some of the negative, I’d think a Tacoma would probably be your best bet as the residuals are still pretty high.

any requirements on bed length for work? Tundra in a crew cab for example only comes with a short 5.5’ bed which is kind of a deal breaker for me, otherwise i’d be all over some of the offers i’ve seen posted here.

Sent you a message about Toyota truck pricing!

Hey @AnthonyR if you are in So-Cal reach out to @Cody_Carter i got mine from him and he has great deals on Tundras/Tacomas.


Did you roll something into the Subaru or did you get crushed on it?

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Tacoma is much smaller than the other trucks you mentioned. Might want to figure out if a tacoma can do the work you need it for. F150 2.7 EcoBoost will get you the best bang for buck in terms of power, torque and mpg, not a fan of the pentastar in the ram, the 5.7 in the tundra is very much bulletproof but the tundra lacks in styling, design and interior when compared to the f150 and ram(if that matters to you)

530 nothing oop on 2019 Silverado crew custom v6 39k msrp with 6k flip. but 36/12
happy hunting

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Would you please help me ?

I have a question but I don’t know how can i post my question in topics :frowning:

You need to read more topics before you are allowed to create your own.

Search the forum and chances are your question has already been answered before.

Thanks for all the info! My ladder is 5ft when collapsed so it would have to be a long bed Tacoma but any full size truck with 5.5 ft would be fine. What I am gathering is 24/12 doesn’t seem feasible with any truck but 36/12 gets close. I’m really not that picky on which truck because it’s a need verse want thing for my job.

Is there any crew cab truck that would be close to that budget on a 36-42 month and 10-12k mile lease? I’ve been scouring Edmunds for MF/Residual/Incentives to try and find that balance of low MF with a decent residual and some good incentive to help bury the negative equity.

The Chevy Silverado deal posted above is getting close :slight_smile:

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Have you considered a Honda Ridgeline? It has a 63" bed, basically a Honda Pilot interior w/bed. Not really a full size truck, but much more in the price target you’re looking for with the utility.

Honda Ridgeline is not a truck. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

sincerely - silverado, sierra, tundra, f150, ram.


I mean…TOTALLY AGREE :joy:

But a full size crew cab truck is going to price this guy out.

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Totally agree!

Doesn’t get any more lame than a ridgeline.

Well, maybe a Subaru Baja.


Yeah because those lease really well…lol(crazy amount of deals posted in those)

Yeah pass on the ridgeline lol! I’m finding good MF/residual/incentive on the Nissan Titan SV (non XD). Any trusted hacker or broker have any thoughts?

Also the lease deal was decent on the Impreza but it had about 4K negative equity rolled in to begin with.

Curious to follow, as I am looking at trucks as well.

The closest I have come to pulling the trigger has been on a Nissan Titan SV, residual and current rebate are pretty good.