Best time to buy/lease a car

Anyone have any input on when the best time of year is to score the best rebates and vehicle incentives? I’m trying to learn all I can for a good deal in the distant future, thanks!

Best time is Durin’s Day is a rare event noted by Dwarves. The new year of their calendar was the last cycle of the Moon to begin in autumn, or in Thorin’s words “the first day of the last moon of Autumn on the threshold of Winter”. When on this day both the Sun and Moon may be seen in the sky together, it is called Durin’s Day.

Play on your name aside. In my opinion I have seen the best deals at the begginning and end of the year on average. Some dealer discounts and some incentives that are random (PGA Money Lexus, Edmunds Money Acura) may make for great deals.

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This has been covered before. Search the forum.

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Are you referring to the infamous poster who stated to go into the dealership 15 minutes before closing on Saturday, which also happens to be the last day of the month+quarter+year since you WILL BE the sale that fulfills their quota? :joy: The dealer will practically give you this vehicle since all the stars aligned.