Best SUV for the price?


FYI pilot is a MDX

For $34-38K, I think the CX-5 (with turbo) is the best choice…I’ve been shopping for a replacement for my 2015 Ford Edge and it’s my favorite…unfortunately, here in LA it leases like garbage…$500/month.

I’m going to end up getting a Subaru Forester Limited for under $370, zero drive off. Yes, the power and pick up is weak, but I’m not really sure where everyone needs this (and I’ve leased over a dozen MB and Audis)…I’ve had an 2017 Subaru Outback 2.5, which is woefully underpowered, and I’ve never had to mash the pedal in over 27K miles of driving (and I go in carpool/fast lane).

Maybe if you live in a rural area where passing cars is a daily activity, but in a city like LA, there is really nowhere to go!

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My wife loved it. I didn’t drive it, but she said it was perfect for her needs…then came the numbers. That ended the love affair quickly. If we can catch the CX5 at the right time with the right program, she’d jump in a heartbeat.

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My local Caddy dealership is the same way. You drive your car into the “Cadillac” bay, which is in a separate building. They then drive it down to Buick/GMC building for service.

On Saturday, when all they do is oil changes/tire rotations…you just drive to Buick/GMC with the “commoners.”

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Around here, it seems Mazda is a brand to finance, rather than lease. They just don’t budge much on price. And they’re selling like bottled water at Coachella, so why would


that san diego dealer that posts here has some good Subaru deals

Car and Driver updated their list recently and the Pilot is in the middle of the pack, behind the others mentioned, 7th overall. The CX-9 is #1 overall, and they have bumped things around a bit, Atlas #2, Ascent #3 and Traverse #4.

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if you want good sized 3rd row you need like a Tahoe all the mid size will only hold a 5 year old

If you are taking extended trips with all 3 rows in use, and you need cargo room too, I agree. I use my 3rd row in my Acadia with adults in the third row quite frequently on shorter trips, and I’ve had little to no issues or complaints.

Traverse and atlas can easily hold adults in the third row, and has plenty of cargo room with third row in use.

Traverse is larger than a Yukon/tahoe/Escalade.

If I had to PURCHASE a vehicle in this segment, it would be the atlas. Lease is a different story.

Thanks, have supplier discount will have to see about traverse pricing

Only a Suburban and the XL models will work if you really need space above and beyond a midsize CUV. Or a minivan.

Tahoe isn’t great in terms of third row space/comfort and almost pitiful cargo room behind the third row.

wait, you’d purchase a VW? Even with their decent warranty, I’m not sure that would be the wisest choice? If I was buying I think I’d have to go Highlander/Pilot/RX350L for peace of mind but I’m boring like that.

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I always end up questioning the existence of the Tahoe when I realize that it doesn’t have the cargo space of the Suburban. I don’t really know what purpose it serves in the lineup, especially when the Traverse is bigger now. The Suburban will probably never go away based on livery and fleet sales alone, but what is the Tahoe still doing here?

Yep, I’ll take a VW and their 6 year warranty (there’s also a dealership about a 20 min walk from my house, so that would influence the decision).

The atlas is significantly bigger than the highlander and the rx, it’s almost the size of the traverse.

I’d cross shop a Highlander with an mdx, qx60, rx, etc. But the atlas, ascent and traverse are really in a class of their own.

Maybe if you tow something kinda big with only 2 or 4 people routinely? I dunno, it’s a stretch.

I got an Atlas a few months ago for the wife and kids and we love it. Massive room, comfy, and I can actually fit in the 3rd row, and I’m 6’4’’. Got the Rline package and that thing looks nice. I just wish I would’ve splurged for the panoramic moonroof.

The one thing that’s annoying me a bit is the small gas tank. Gotta fill up quite often…

Yeah, everything I’ve read has the atlas at, or near the top, in rankings.

I test drove one and really liked it, my wife did too and she’s normally hard to please.

Only reason I passed on the atlas is because it doesn’t lease well.

Acadia 1st gen was larger the 2nd gen. (Apparently Tahoe and Yukon product managers have a lot more sway at GM so they eliminated some of the perceived threat. Same with Caddy killing a three row SRX)

I think it’s only a matter of time before you see a Sub sized crossover.

If anything Tahoe probably has higher fleet sales than the Sub. I see Fed/state/local govt and LE agencies all using Tahoes (and some Explorers) for their SUVs. Plus rentals

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