Best Sports car Lease (I hate posts like this, I'm sorry)

I’ve been checking everyday for some unicorns and it seems like BMW with their M’s being the only sports/luxury vehicle that leases… Chevy doesn’t lease the corvette right now and whats a porsche lease?

I saw some brokers have things like an M8 for lease but those are in the $1400+/month territory with tax.

So essentially, <= $1,000/month sports car lease all in. What would it be?

Also, I’m trying to not make this a “I have x amount of $/month what can I get” type post. I hate those.

Aston Martin vantage

Lol I just read a vantage post… I don’t make $250,000/year or have another 1k/month car payment so I’m deff not getting approved…

But you still did it. No one knows what you want. Use the search function for whatever cars you like.