Best sports car (coupe or convertible) for less than 400/month

Which affordable sports cars actually have decent lease deals?
(looks like there are no great or even good deals in this segment)

Miata? 86? BRZ? Mustang? Camaro? Anything fancier?

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Camaro LT1 was the most recent champion of this category, but that ship appears to have sailed

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With the shortages, For the time being, this is what you will get



If your budget is $400/month with 0$ due at signing, I would suggest rethinking that budget.

Have you searched the “Marketplace” for broker deals on any of these cars?

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Perhaps a bicycle? In all seriousness no automaker is blowing anything relatively sporty out due to production shortages. You have to pay to play.

A Foxbody GT would be nice.

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