Best SoCal BMW and MB dealers for good pricing

I’m starting to do research for my next car and its likely to be a 5-Series or E-Class. In my experience I’ve gotten the best pricing from the highest volume dealerships because they tolerate lower margins to get volume bonuses.

Question for the experts: which dealerships in LA would you recommend based on your experience? Also, ease of dealing (I.e. they provide lease calc details without arm-twisting) is also a plus.

I’ll probably look into the Genesis G80 as well but the dealerships would all be new?

Thanks in advance.

Check with Greg Poland at Pacific BMW and Andrew Einhorn at Irvine BMW, great deals.

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I wouldn’t go near Fletcher Jones…apparently they sell a ton of cars…not sure how, unless people in Newport Beach don’t care about money!

Pacific BMW has always given me good quotes, and have bought Mercedes from Long Beach…I’d avoid Beverly Hills Mercedes. Keyes can be hit or miss.

Oh, and Center BMW on Van Nuys is also an avoid…I had a good phone experience with a dealership in Monrovia.

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Any thoughts on SouthBay BMW. Greg from Pacific was also mentioned in the Bimmerfest forums. In fact it is an easy way to contact him

I live in norcal. Do you guys suggest I try to haggle with socal dealers and make a one way trip down south or are there equally good deals up here. Sorry to side track the topic

Yes,SB bmw @ torrence. I have had a great buying experience with their internet sale manager.

Anyone know the email of an internet sales manager at pacific? All I see on their website is phone…

Do you have a name,there seems to be a couple - Harold, Bijan, Chris, Dario or Milad.

I would like to cut to the chase.

Harold was the internet manager I got my i3 from. I rated him a perfect 10/10.

Sam Rezaei at Mercedes of Beverly HIlls. He’s great to deal via the internet and hooked me up with a killer deal on my E class.