Best plan to land in a Telluride?

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Researching SUV’s all over and have the Telluride in my top spot, specifically the AWD Nightfall’s. Looking at either 2022 or 2023 depending on what my best option(s) is. Currently in a lease ending in Sept. (2019 Mazda3). Read a lot of helpful articles on here and forum topics, but looking for some guidance on my best gameplan going forward. What timing would be best? Summer time? Dealer by me currently has 2022 Gravity Gray Nightfall AWD in stock MSRP $45k. Want to avoid the rookie mistake of walking into dealers, so trying to prepare best I can on here. I’m open to explore lease options and purchase. Thanks!

Go to the telluride forums, find one of the recommended dealers doing orders at msrp, and order one at msrp to purchase.


Thanks! Telluride forums on here?

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If you are in NJ, try Nutley Kia. They sell ordered ones for MSRP with no markup/addons but require $10K refundable deposit and only sell to specific NJ zip codes. Build time can be 6-8 months.

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Thanks for the tips!

Unfortunately, I am in PA, but that is helpful info.,

Thanks for then link to the forums :slight_smile:

:point_up_2::point_up_2: What Matt said.

@BuildrHcky87 - Given how high the money factor (MF) is on a Telluride lease, financing one at MSRP might be your best bet in today’s market.

I always tell folks asking for help/feedback to KNOW their numbers. Run lease numbers using this month’s program. Obtain the following info from the Edmunds Forum and input it into the LH calculator:

  • Money Factor
  • Residual Value
  • any applicable incentives

You will need to provide your zip code, and lease terms.

Good luck.

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I believe Lancaster Kia was selling orders at MSRP but that could have changed. Definitely finance as someone suggested.

In California?

Colorado has a few dealers that will sell at msrp on orders. We ordered my wifes SX-P nightfall awd from Peak Kia in Littleton from salesman Shannon Nicoletti. From order to delivery was just under 60 days. Colorado has some of the largest volume Telluride dealerships so they tend to get them pretty quick. Kia operates their sold orders off a dealer allocation system so you will usually get it faster from a large volume dealer.

Check failcat for order details. once the vehicle shows up on here it is usually about 3-4 weeks util it lands at the dealer.


Nice info! Are you located in CO? I’m in PA, so just curious where you are located.

I’m in Arizona. We flew in and drove it home but the dealer does ship if needed.

If you go to Telluride forums you’ll find at least 3 PA dealer names for sticker orders.


Interested in socal dealer if possible - able to build and wait for delivery

There’s a few in Marketplace who can get you one on order.

I’m not west coast but anecdotally I’ve seen quite a few socal people strike out locally and then order from dealers in Colorado.

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There are virtually none in CA that will do an order at MSRP. Ask me how I ended up in my Highlander. Best bet is out of state.

Why won’t they order it for customers? I get selling on lot over MSRP - we laws prevent dealers from selling to us directly. So seems fucked up to prevent us from ordering through them for MSRP

I know there is a dealer in Colorado as you mentioned, one in Mississippi too that order at Msrp for nationwide

Did you order from Nutley? I placed an order on 3/18 @msrp and still waiting for order to be picked up.