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Hey guys, a friend of mine is looking to downsize from his current Honda Odyssey into a suv preferably a 7 seater. The main thing he wants is quality and a adaptive cruise system that you can trust (a bit more than Honda’s which won’t really keep you lane centered at all ,just bounce you back and forth, if even that). He does not want a massive suv like the Escalade which has supercruise, more like the xt6 which doesn’t have that option currently. If anyone can give their input about their vehicle’s system it would be greatly appreciated.
Edit: no electric vehicles

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Palisade/Telluride is the way to go here if you want an actual usable 7 row.

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I heard this system is pretty good:

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In seriousness, I thought Nissans was pretty good on the budget end. I liked the Benz Audi and BMW were all acceptable.

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It’s more of a in case of emergency like for the couple of times a year he might need it, so cruise system is priority

I have a Highlander and it’s pretty nice

The system in the Palisade/Telluride is absolutely fantastic. It puts what’s in my Audi, anything from Honda/Toyota/etc, all to shame. It bested what Volvo offers, etc.

It doesn’t have all the lane changing stuff that you’ll get with Tesla, but they’re also more useful 3 row vehicles.

Does anyone offer anything remotely similar other than supercruise and blue cruise which technically speaking are very limited to specific models trims?

The hyundai highway drive assist system allows for longer periods of hands free driving that most acc/lane keep systems, but it’s not as long as you’d get with something like bluecruise/supercruise.

So same for genesis GV80?

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I’ve been having the same quote issue on mobile for the past couple days.

The GV80 should be a similar system, although I know that Genesis is advertising a “Highway Drive Assist II” system. It’s unclear to me what the difference is between HDA and HDA II.

edit: apparently HDA II includes side sensors that allow for automatic lane changes, as well as adjusting the lane centering position depending on surrounding vehicles. There’s also a machine learning aspect that adjusts the responsiveness of the ACC to your personal driving style.

Musk meme aside that disqualifies pretty much anything in Tesla stable before we even get to the “Autopilot” shitstorm.

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The Subaru system beats the Volvo XC90 I drove a while back, and is also much better than my BMW 530e. Maybe an Ascent?

I’ve been having this issue on mobile as well. Confirmed on IOS safari/chrome.

I see that Jeep has put in the GC L a new system called level 2+ which will be fully activated later on in 2022 for hands free driving but as of now it’s just improved cruise control, if anybody that got one can let us know if the system is good so far.
In other news the 22’ Escalade won’t have super cruise due to shortages but somehow Cadillac is adding supercruise to a couple more models :man_shrugging:

  1. Tesla
  2. Hyundai
  3. Toyota
  4. Everything else?

Just going to ignore Bluecruise, Supercruise, genesis hda Il, huh

Genesis is same as Hyundai system. Kia, genesis and Hyundai are intertwined.

So Tesla is out and irrelevant to the conversation.

Hyundai I would agree. Toyota? Really? Based on what?

I don’t know if they brought Ascent to the same level as Outback by now. When I test drove them for 21 MY Outback’s system was good, Ascent was 20MY I think and sucked. Also based on the OP’s Escalade and XT6 references, I’m not sure how Ascent is going to fit in luxury requirements.

Frankly I’m a bit confused by the title of the OP over the context. Is the main point to find any car as long as it’s not electric and has 7 seats and has awesome cruise control, or is there a money constraints, luxury requirements, etc.

Does Hyundai offer hda ll on their vehicles though?