Best option for ending lease early

Forgive the rudimentary question but I need to get a car (preferably hybrid or PHEV). There is a 50/50 chance I may move abroad for work at the end of 2023. With that in mind, what are the best options in case I need to break my lease? Are some manufacturers more flexible than others in terms of penalties? Would it be better to lease from a manufacturer that allows direct third-party sales (though I worry the car market will be considerably softer by end of next year so this may not be as advantageous)?

What would you do?

Get an 18-month lease from Nissan, otherwise finance something.

You will have 0 control or foresight into when some captive will change some internal policy and leave you SOL, so don’t lease in your situation.

You are not going to get a PHEV or a Hybrid (Unless it’s a Jeep) for MSRP right now (And you will have to Special Order it anyhow) …so you might be throwing away extra funds when you move.

Finance a civic it’ll hold it great value and before you get sent away sell it. Gotta do some hard looking to find something not above MSRP or within a reasonable range above.

Is leaf mania still ongoing or have programs weakened?

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Leafs are hard to find right now and even harder to find at MSRP. I think lease cash on the ‘23 is down to $950 too.