Best "midsize" PHEV SUV/deal

Hopefully I did this right by posting in off-ramp. There are similar topics but this one is more targeted to PHEVs SUVs and since lease deals are not that great, we would also consider purchase because you can still get $7500 Fed credit with most. I like posting questions here because LH has tons of posters who deal with all the various brands and they (or brokers) can point you to the better vehicle and deal (and there isn’t a PHEVHackr site).

I am looking at these similar midsize (or compact) SUVs in the $60k range (although I guess MSRP doesn’t really matter depending on financing/leasing) and their approx electric only range:

BMW X5 45e (31mi)
Audi Q5 TFSi (23mi)
Volvo XC60 Recharge (36mi)
Added: Sorento PHEV (32mi)

I did leave out the Lexus NX450h as it seems a bit smaller but the caveat here is this is for my wife and those are the 3 brands she prefers even though she does like the Kia Sorento PHEV.

I prefer the Volvo because of the range and seems like based on my conversations with brokers and reading different threads here. XC60s can be had at MSRP whereas the Audi is harder to find deals for. There is a popular thread here for the BMW X5 45e which is also my 2nd choice. As luck would have it, she prefers the Audi.:frowning: She also wants the 360 camera, she used to have one and has been driving my Y and hates that it doesn’t have it.

The difficulty here is with such low local inventory, it’s hard to see what these are actually like interior space wise. I assume the gas versions are similar so maybe we will start looking at those… I just really dislike going to dealerships right now. So if there are any owners of similar models to the above, which one has the most interior space? Youtube videos and online comparison sites make it seem similar but it’s hard to tell without sitting in them in person.

We usually wait until the LA or OC Auto to sit in a wide variety of vehicles but those are months away.

Deal-wise, I think the BMW might be the frontrunner but so many variables to consider. Spacewise I think the X5 is 3rd by small margin depending on what you are measuring but I do like that dual open rear door.

Any thoughts? I’m tired of reading about Tesla drops and the deals on Chrysler/Jeeps/Dodges… maybe I can make the Meme Lounge. :slight_smile:

8/11/22 Edit: So the BMW is out, the Sorento is in and the Audi is fading. Was able to sit in the Sorento and it’s definitely a roomy vehicle due the 3rd row giving more space to the 2nd row.


The BMW X5 is the largest of the three PHEV vehicles by far (and I would presume the most expensive). The Audi and Volvo are considered compact SUVs. I’ve found it helpful to search a site like CarGurus for a used model of “whatever” that you can go and test drive. Try a Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring. Vey luxurious and well equipped.

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X5 45e
You can unlock the Europe version battery and range is 40mi

xc60 q5 are smaller compare to x5.

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You might consider ordering a Grand Cherokee 4xe

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How long can you wait. Maybe Lexus will come out with an rx phev. At least then if you buy your getting a reliable vehicle

These really aren’t in the $60K range once you put in a decent set of options and TTL.

I would look at the Kia Sorento Hybrid and Lincoln Corsair Hybrid.

Maybe I should have put $70k.

As for size, while the X5 is bigger externally, from what I remember from sitting in one last year, the inside is not very large.

I need to go back and check.

XC90 phev is midsize. XC60 is compact.

For a car that big, it’s indeed a little small inside, I especially detest the passenger footwell that sloped so much.

Sorry, they won’t. Toyota can’t even do plug-in hybrid properly, they’re far far behind the industry in electric, that’s why they’re lobbying against it. I wouldn’t expect Toyota to have a competent electric offering until 2025.

Didn’t Toyota just sell 250k and is phasing out of EV credit, and launching their first EV platform?

RAV4 primes sell like hot cakes. Their first attempt is tentatively making it to market - that means something tbh.

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RX450+ PHEV has already been announced.


Gonna go out on a limb here and say she should get what she wants.


Hah… we all know that’s not too far a limb to go out on. :slight_smile:

We were waiting for the Audi Q4 EV but doesn’t look like that is coming out anytime soon.

I need to go sit in a Q5 and XC60 but I think they are very close interior space-wise. For exterior looks. the X5 wins for me… but it’s weird that the interior is not larger… and just saw a YT video where the back seats don’t even recline a little.

+1 for Grand Cherokee 4XE. It’s definitely not a luxury brand but have you sat in one recently? They’ve really upped their game. You can probably get one through a broker for about 5% under MSRP if you’re willing to wait on a custom order.


I think the XC60 is quit a bit smaller on the inside the the x5 45e. I own the X45e and its very good ride. We have a 7 and 9 in the back that have not complained about the seats. Cant say I have had adults back there. We are able to fit all our ski equipment inside the car with the 4 of us in there.

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RWD platforms tend to much less space-efficient than are FWD platforms. From what I can tell, the ICE X5 does have more cargo space than does a Q5, so maybe that’s where the extra capacity went.

I’m also in SoCal and have been researching luxury mid-size PHEVs. Here are my thoughts:

BMW X5 45e - Seems clearly the best of the options you listed, and somewhat available in SoCal. Discussed in some recent threads, and you can do a search. I think people are getting it at MSRP or slight discount, pre-incentives. Even the CA brokers are posting in-stock units once in a while.

Audi Q5 PHEV - Haven’t seen any indication of being better than the BMW. Also, no availability in SoCal and potential markups. For example, Sam at Audi BH has zero in stock. Order timeframe (from dealers or brokers) seems to be 6 months+. Likely because of supply chain issues; many in-stock Audi units are missing components and functionality.

Volvo XC60 Recharge - I think BWM is slightly bigger and nicer, and drives better. I’m looking for 3-row SUV, so I’m targeting XC90 Recharge ER. That’s pretty much the only option in this segment. But if 2-row were okay, I wouldn’t be limited to XC60 and could go for the BMW.

Also, Alex on Autos is the best YouTube reviewer, and he has many videos and comparisons that can help your choice. Here are the most relevant ones. No recent X5 review, but at the end of some videos he compares against X5.

22 Volvo XC60 Recharge Review

21 Audi Q5 PHEV Review

22.5 Volvo XC90 Recharge Review


Also, as other people mentioned, Volvo XC60 and Audi Q5 are compact SUVs, and not a direct comp to X5, a midsize SV. Instead, BWM’s compact SUV is the X3.

So if you’re talking about mid-size luxury PHEV, the direct comps (and almost only comps) are X5 and XC90. And the choice is easy - do you want 2-row or 3-row?