Best Leasing dealers of Nissan and BMW in and around San Jose, CA

Any suggestions on the best dealers around San Jose, CA for getting a Nissan Murrano on lease?

Looking for a BMW X3 for lease around San Jose. Any pointers to the right dealers would be helpful.

Is an hour away from San Jose close enough for a BMW?

How good or bad deal is this? Appreciate your help here.
Nissan Murano with Premium Package.

For 12K Miles and 3 years.

MSRP: 46,260.00
Rebate: 2950.00
San Jose 9.5% tax
MF: 0.00037
Drive off: 2500
Monthly payment for 35 months: 510

This is definitely a bad deal.

There’s 0 discount outside of rebates.

Thank you. Would you care to share what would be a good lease number for this one should look like?

I was seriously considering a Murano before getting a Grand Cherokee. I held off since they consistently seem to lease horribly. No real incentives on them. If you’re dead set on leasing it, you most probably will not get a good deal.

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Just get a QX60, search QX60


yes, please share the name of dealer and sales rep whom should I talk to.

James Stanford at Concord BMW.

Half the deals on this forum are either NorCal or SoCal. Search and you’ll find.

talk to @GAngellBMW from Pleasanton BMW