"Best" Leasing Car - Considered Fully Loaded?

Hey Folks,

Curious from the forum on what may be considered the “best” leasing car that’s fully loaded? I know a lot of the focus is on some of the luxury brands out there, but I don’t care about that ultimately.

Effectively, the question is what mid-size SUV can I get all of the options on but also the lowest price with respect to other brands?

Opinions appreciated!

Probably hard to get a cheaper “loaded” lease that a grand cherokee 4xe summit reserve. Wont be cheap, but nothing else will be either.

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Nissan Murano or Rogue…
VW Tiguan.

Nowadays Financing is cheaper then leasing…
Consider that option too

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Is that including the free $7,500 that is likely not applicable by the time the Jeep would be delivered? As you’ve said, it won’t be cheap. It’ll be a matter of whether it is expensive or very expensive (sans the $7,500). :smile:

OP- have you looked into the Nissan at all? I realize it is a short term, but the 18 month option is decent on several models.

Theres a handful of them on lots, so there may be options.

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Yeah, I thought that…but it still it pains me to recommend vehicles at full MSRP or worse when they can be ordered at a significant discount with minimal effort. Though, we both understand that presents quite the gamble in this case.

Right now the Murano, it’s like an 91% RV if I remember right for an 18month.

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These can be had for a discount off the lot with affiliate or from the brokers here posting inbounds with even more off sticker.

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