Best Lease Deals In The 30-35k Range?

Do not talk to dealers until you have the numbers on the vehicle you’re interested in worked out. Conversations with dealers are for finding someone to do your deal, not for determining what a vehicle should lease for. Talking to them before you have that worked out does nothing but set yourself up on a shaky foundation and put the ball in their court.


what have you found in the Shared Deals and Marketplace sections?

Nothing really there recently that applies to the car range she’s interested in. Not in a major hurry to get something done, but will jump on something if it looks right. Just doing my DD, and looking for suggestions. Been scouring marketplace too. Thanks for all your help so far.

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You’re best bet is a loaner S60 or a some base loaner 3 series for the luxury compact sedans. Could take some work but a broker could get you there.

Yes, great suggestions. Thank you!

There’s 2019/2020 BMW 330i’s in the private transfers section that shouldn’t be too far away from this criteria.

For example:

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Agreed with @mllcb42, base S60 is your best bet. Reach out to @Benedetto to get one shipped or @AutoLeaseNinjas might have some local socal deals.

S60 would be my choice. Can be had for about $300 with MSDs with the current deals offered on this site. Seems like a no brainer to me.

The comments of these threads are littered with how many seemingly qualified applications are turned down for transfers by BMWFS.

OP, do your daughter a favor and skip the barebones “luxury” car which is an oxymoron. Get the modern safety and convenience features of a well-equipped CamcornataK5ettta



@eastender - I would strongly recommend that your daughter test drive other cars that are within your $350/month budget. Once she is set on a vehicle, you can always come back and post a deal for review.

You can’t expect internet strangers to tell you or your daughter what car to drive.


Also depending on your overall budget you should consider insurance costs on a leased vehicle for a young driver. This alone could break the bank! Something used that isn’t financed is sooooo much cheaper overall.

If a lease is still your goal, a mid-range VW Passat or Arteon leases well when there are incentives. Check dealer “rubbergash” on this site for deals in SoCal. Good luck!

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he has a major point, my first car 4 years ago was a leased lexus is. i was 16 at the time and my insurance was ~350. idk how old ur daughter is and generally it’s said that girls have cheaper insurances than guys, but that’s something you’d want to keep in mind

Go test drive an S60 and see if your daughter likes it. A 350 deal on one should be achievable.
Have you considered electric vehicles, such as Ioniq?

This^. It just seems to me like the only reason to get a bare bones s60 or 328i is IF they are cheaper than better equipped non luxury sedans or you are a badge snob. A well equipped mainstream sedan will have so many more features and possibly even more power.

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[max_g] I agree, I tried to swing her in that direction. The K5 (and others) looks a great car.

TBH that’s why “my friend” or “my child” threads are a waste of everyone’s time.

Advice gets relayed a game of telephone, just to land on deaf ears.

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She’s 24, and yes, insurance is a big deal and has been discussed with her. She’s a recent college grad (been looking for incentives on that too), and working hard full time, and she will be paying for the car. I’m trying to swing her away from the BMW’s, Audi etc (someone mentioned “badge snob”, lol, that’s her). I agree, a K5, Arteon (if it leases well) and others would be a better choice. Thanks again

Why not to test drive 2020 Elantra value pretty loaded trim. You can easily get it for around $200/m with first payment ONLY DAS. All taxes and fees included.

It’s the perfect choice for a brand snob who cares about nothing else and has a budget of low $300s plus TTL.


I’m here looking for help and suggestions. You’re a judgmental @#$% max_g.