Best Lease Deal IN Virginia

Hey Guys I have been lurking for a while and I am ready to take the leap. I have tried to get to some of the numbers in other posts but deals are always hundreds off even after taking thousands off of the car. My best deal I have found was a 2016 Fusion SE Promo lease (2500 due) started at 159 a month but the dealer quoted me 317 with 2500 down.

I really want to be at 0 down since I have about $3,000 negative equity from my BMW(trade) I want to add to cap cost.

I am open to any car that is around the size of a Nissan Altima/Fusion and maybe if the numbers were amazing a Civic.

I am open to term as well as the most important thing would be to have a payment of $300 or less after the negative equity.

Side note: I don’t want to put down more than $1.000

Did you look at the Acura ILX/TLX. Since VA collects taxes on whole lease, you will definitely not be able to replicate the deals from states that only collect tax on the payments.

I did look at the TLX deal but from reading the posts the edmunds discount is now expired.

Again I am open to any car really, I would love a 24 month lease and I am looking into the optima now but the dealer here does not seem to know much about leasing. I am willing to travel for the right deal too.

I don’t know your situation, so am not going to judge. Nor do I know if I am correct here, you are basically adding $88 a mo (if for 3 years) your negative equity to the new lease payment, so you have to be around $220 including tax on the new car.
If you do a 24mo lease that $88 becomes $125 and payments on 24mo leases are almost always higher that 36mo, so I don’t see how that is possible to work out.
Question, wouldn’t it be cheaper/better to sell your BMW on your own and wipe out some of the that negative equity?
What are the payments on your BMW and why do you want to get rid of it?

So it is a 07 335 out of warranty and I have already replaced injectors under warranty 2 times and again having injector issues. I do understand the $88 makes it difficult but I can deal with putting some cash to off set the 88. Like I said somewhere around 1k so if my payment ends up like 315$ I am ok with that. Finnally found an honest Honda dealer and I know there is still more room in these number but it was the best I have gotten so far.

2016 civic ex for 250 a month selling price of $19500
Salespersons name is Laura, i have not pulled the trigger yet, waiting on numbers on a fusion which ford is doing 159 a month??? Of course in va that is really more like 220$

Hey, just find the cheapest lease you can, (a SmartCar if you have to) roll the neg equity in it as much as you can and make sure to keep this lease until it’s done. Maybe you can contact BMW Regional service manager with your injector problems. I know it’s a long shot, but isn’t the lemon law kicks in if you have a same problem with the same “item” 3 times during the warranty period that they can’t fix?