Best Lease buyout Auto refinance bank score 730-740

Hi All,
Buying my Volvo - I had a heart problem so I only have 10 days to buy it before the lease is up.
My question is: Id rather bypass the income verification. If needed I can do it, but have to involve partner. and both of our credits will be pulled = Joint car , not ideal. Also, Need this done for the best rate under 10 days. I also would rather not walk in to the banks. I have a credit union I belong to already also.
DCU I heard is great
PenFed said they might not need verification and it would depend.

I could put more cash down if needed. Can anyone help me wargame this ?

This will be easiest (if possible) with a bank you have a relationship/credit/assets with, though not guaranteed because you’re opening a new credit line. If you are completely new to them, it’s more likely you will get stipped.

For your current CU, you could just ask them if they can turn around a buyout loan that quickly (should be yes) and what they need to get it done.

Penfed does not have the best reputation for speed and efficiency, other CUs do.

Double check with VCFS if you can just overnight a check for the payoff.

Extending your lease a month would make this a little easier.

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If DCU is Digital Credit Union, I have heard they require a lot of documentation. I recently bought a car with Penfed financing and it was super easy, but I have a long history with them. Agree that extending the lease would open up all kinds of options.

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Thank you. Less hassle the better. Can you apply to 2 credit unions t the same time? Or is that not advised?

Good Ideas. Thank you.

Thanks in advance! Any further info?
My Volvo is a s60 2018. 10,000 miles. I owe 19K on it.

  1. I have to be the main buyer, I need my husband for the income. - rough year -. I dont want to hassle with my self employment which was spotty. I heard I can do this but husband cant be on the Volvo paperwork? Can anyone explain this? How do I make sure the Credit Union does it properly?

Can anyone foresee any issues and do you have any suggestions on how to make this go smoothly?

SDCCU in San Diego is who Im thinking of.