Best lease alternative to a Genesis G80 Sport AWD other than a Volvo?

Hubs always gets terrible lease deals but this year he finally asked my advice before going out shopping! (Yey!) The only problem is he’s turning in his genisis, which he loved, and wants to get a new one but the lease deals aren’t great on them right now. They aren’t budging much on MSRP and the only incentive available is $750 cash back. Payments would be $650-ish a month on a $55k MSRP car which just seems INSANE.

He’s open to other options as long as it’s not the Volvo’s because he dislikes their aesthetics.

Are there other large luxury sedans with AWD that you folks can suggest that may have more aggressive leasing programs?

E3004matic loaner low MSRP or big discount

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Here to say Volvo.

They are great as long as you approach them from the front. :slight_smile:

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On a more serious note, jaguar xe or xf might fit the bill


2017’s have much better incentives if you can compromise on that. Large dealer discounts also.

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I think someone had mentioned ES350 was leasing well this month. Not sporty at all, but a great car

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Merc C300 and E300 4matic
BMW 330i and 340i loaners.
Jaguar XF and XE as mentioned.
Acura TLX A spec
Infiniti Q50 RS 400 and Luxe

You can search the forum for these.

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For mid size…

Jaguar XF
BMW 5 series
Infiniti Q70 or Q70L