Best leasable SUV's in the 250 range with negotiations?


Hey guys, I’m looking for a small/crossover SUV to lease for 36-48 months and 10k miles I can handle a payment up to $250 What are some of the best small SUV’s or crossovers lease well? Also what’s the best time to lease?

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Subaru Forester / GMC Terrain / VW Tiguan S / Toyota Rav4 / Mazda CX5 maybe if you can push hard enough?

Bentley Bentayga
Maserati Levante
Lamborghini Urus

Around 4:20


Don’t do 48 month lease. Max 36 months

Rav 4 xle

I just got a 36/12 2018 outback 280 before taxes… close

I’m in Miami and I got offered a 2018 CX-5 Sport:
MSRP of $27,520
$259 tax in. / month
36 months/ 12k miles
$1,088 DAS

It was EOD and the finance guy was being kind of sketch so they didn’t give me a price sheet. I asked him how they were getting to that number and he said he was playing with the residual which is of course BS so take this with a grain of salt. I’m going to shop around at another dealer today as I’m currently in the market for the same thing as you, I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

RV is set by the manufacturer. The dealer cannot play with that number. It’s a deal breaker for me if they aren’t transparent about the lease numbers.

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I found that the Infinit QX30 has one of the highest residual values. If that helps. I pushed back my search to April.

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It must have since it doesn’t even exist :slightly_smiling_face:

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My bad I was thinking of Volvo and mixed up the numbers.

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So the absolute lowest legit deal I found was:
CX-5 Sport
$25,270 MSRP
$21,110 Sell Price
$265/ month tax in
36 mo/ 12,000 miles
$500 DAS (first payment, tag fee)

CX-5 Touring
$27,610 MSRP
$24,306 Sell Price
$299 + tax
36 mo/ 12,000 miles
$1,788 DAS

You’re in miami right? I got the CX-5 touring premium last month (and is complete doable this month as well, nothing changed in RV or MF) (~28k MSRP) for 310 including tax with 12,000 miles and 310 due at signing, and I fully believe 250 a month with 250 due at signing for a CX-5 sport with i-activesensing is completely doable!

Please try and reach out to mazda of north miami, they are aggressive in their pricing and while not the best, certainly better than your offers

I did I spoke to Bruce, that’s who I got these prices from.

Thats just to say they can go even lower, I am willing to provide my own lease contract if that could help

Maybe they’re having a decent month and that’s why they’re not willing to go lower? I tried negotiating with Bruce and those were his absolute final prices. Can I please see your lease sheet?

Sure, but if your talking with bruce, just mention about matching honker pricing and tell him you want a larger discount. They have flash sales on honker where the price is reduced by 5~10 dollars per month, I know he is the one in charge of the honker integration.

I’ll try and get some good pictures today, but I could provide some ones from my phone :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember with that line I mentioned above I got him to drop 16~ a month easily

Phone pics work, I’ll def try that line thank you.

certainly mentioning that you know of someone else who got a better price (and its not like the deal I got was even a “hackr” deal) should open up negotiation

These are the Honcker prices I’m seeing right now

Im including the sticker price that was on the car, I blacked it out cause bruce doesn’t particularly like me :stuck_out_tongue: but this deal is doable!

although if he calls some kind of BS ill be happy to provide the other info

Mazda also doesnt update their numbers until the 4th of each month usually, so ill hit up my sales guy too; THAT guy was easy to deal with