Best deal on 2019 Jaguar F-Pace Loaner

I’m eyeing a 2019 Jaguar F-Pace S with 9k miles. According to Cargurus, it’s been listed for over 10 months.

It has a $77k sticker, and assuming the Edmunds-proceed incentive is included in the listing price, it’s only being discounted $4755. Now, I have a JLR PIN worth 10%, but since it’s already being listed at $65k, that PIN isn’t worth much.

I haven’t reached out to the dealership yet, but on a loaner that’s been sitting for so long, I’m thinking another $3k discount should be reasonable. Any thoughts?

On a loaner with 9k miles that’s been there for a year, I’d be looking for a lot more than 11% off pre-incentive.

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Fair enough. I had heard that JLR cars aren’t discounted the same way BMW, for examples, can be, though I would certainly like more.


I bought a loaner evoque with 6k miles in 2014. It was ~30% off MSRP. Dealers certainly can go deeper if they want.

They definitely will not give you a PIN and 3k off.

No, no, I didn’t mean to double-dip. Since they have already discounted more than 10% between dealer and incentives, I was saying the PIN isn’t necessary here. And offering another $3k in addition to the $4700 dealer discount they’re already offering