Best deal / Cheapest Minivan to buy new

So I am at the point where I don’t think I can wait any longer for the market to come back down and being that the used car market is so high I think I am best off buying new.

What is the current best / cheapest minivan to buy / order?
Happy to wait 2-4 months if it means ordering now at a bigger discount.
Can finance or buy it outright.


It depends based on the following:

  1. What are your current needs?
  2. Gas or hybrid?
  3. What is your budget?

You might be able to order some minivans at MSRP. Search broker deals in the “Marketplace”.


  1. A new Minivan with 7-8 seats.
  2. Either (whatever is cheaper).
  3. No strict budget but looking at cheapest overall.

No idea about minivans but the Honda Pilots seem to still be reasonable. I got one over the summer when prices were better but I am seeing the EXL advertised for the mid to higher 4s per month now. I do not love because it feels like a minivan to me and I am past that stage (had a Sienna for many years, loved it) and I had a highlander before this that felt more like a regular SUV but I could not find one over the summer at the price I wanted. The Pilot is very roomy. We had two adults in the back seat for a 1 hour trip and no complaints. In my Highlander you needed a shoehorn to get back there

Sienna XLE hybrid probably has the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership).

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Order a Sienna at msrp
Order a Kia carnival at msrp

Either way I think you’ll be happy.


I’m very happy with the kia carnival I bought

I have 3 siennas coming soon. Black le plus. Black Xle and grey limited. They’re not cheap but should hold value well… lmk if interested.


Wife took delivery of an XLE AWD Sienna in November. She loves it. We financed (lease did not make sense).

We felt it was the best minivan value due to potentially having equity down the road and drastically better fuel economy than the others.

Plus it was the only AWD minivan game in town (other than non hybrid Pacifica).

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My suggestion is to run some numbers on the following minivans:

  • Chrysler Pacifica gas/hybrid
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Kia Carnival

My wife owns a 2017 Pacifica (financed). We only have 2 kids, but we got it when we have folks visiting. Love the stow and go feature. Lots of space for 8 people.

The hybrid would have some nice EV credits as well.

My experience is that the ICE version isn’t worth leasing, the hybrid receives the same $7,500 incentive as the 4xe. It just has shitty RVs

You don’t want to lease a Pacifica Van right now. It wasn’t all that great 2 years ago and I don’t think it got any better.

True and if OP has Penfed, that’s an additional $500 off.

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Unless they have changed, stow n go seats are the least comfortable for adults among all minivans.

They have very little padding on a thin frame precisely because they are made to be stowable.

Seats feel comfortable, IMO.

My parents are on their second pacifica… they’re debating selling it for equity to get into a carnival.

First pacifica was lemond, second is having issues.

Depends on how long you’ve sat in one, but IMO they are the worst minivan second row seats for a road-trip. By a mile.

Obviously YMMV based on body size, shape etc etc

Seems like ordering a Pacifica for a % off MSRP and stacking with the tax credit might be the best way to go in this market.

Are there any other minivans that you can place an order and get it for under MSRP?

That’s it as far as orders.

I would just compare total cost of ownership on the Pacifica lease vs Sienna purchase.