Best current deal

Hi All, my lease on the 2014 q50 is about to end. What is the best current deals for $550 - 650$ per month? Looking for something german next

The best current German deal is the 2017 A6 which can be had for $400 if you find the right one :slight_smile:
Of course, you could also try a Volvo S90, which is made a little further up north of Germany

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I think 2017 QX60 leases well too. In the high 300’s to low 400’s

what about the A7? S package

Sure that too, with $8k down most likely

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Is the A6 really leasing well right now? To get at $400, wouldn’t you need a near-historic discount to offset the lack of significant lease cash and the low residual?

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Are S90s still a deal even with the Costco incentives now off the table?

I would think you might need to up that to 12k down. :slight_smile:

Don’t ask @vhooloo. He needs to clean his soiled crystal balls. That was one off deal from @Precisionautoleasing. Ask him about possible A6 deal.

With an extra $90/mo - still a good deal on a good car, IMO.

what about at 650$ per month ?

No more A6 2017 left, but if you would be open to an rc300 f sport $53k sticker under $400 per month, Tri State Only. But you have a Nice budget, I can deffiantly help you out, but maybe check swapalease to, I was lucky enough to take over my dream car being 21, Leasing 2 cars to begin with I didn’t want to spend over $800 per month for a 2018 m3, so I took over a lease by joining bimmerpost, $75k sticker, $599 Per Month $0 Drive off, it was a bmw employee I took it over from. Factory ordered cAr /12k. It was a once in a lifetime thing, he capped his taxes to on the original contract, no bank fee. The deal was nuts.