Best car on a $1100 lease budget without tax?

Currently located in Orange County, California and wanted to get feedback on what would be the best/coolest car on a $1100 budget. My lease is to expire in November, currently driving a 2015 Mercedes CLS - 550. Any ideas tips/tricks are much appreciated.

With a $1.1K budget pre tax you could lease a mid range Tesla, 75D. Tesla leases are quite expensive relative to MRSP though, I was kinda surprised actually. A fully loaded ludicrous speed Tesla is 140,000. For a 36mo/36k miles lease they expect you to pay a bit over $2100 per month or about 55% of MRSP. Pretty shitty lease honestly

Honestly with that kind of a budget, you have a wide range of what best means. Do you want luxury? Speed? A mix? Gas? Electric? Technology?

My personal opinion is that which ever car you choose, fully load it or at least come close to it. It’s not worth imo to spend $1100/mo but not get all the features that a certain car can offer.

Yeah, I’m looking for something that not everyone has. Sadly the coolest cars that are close to my budget aren’t options for me as I live in a apartment without EV hookup options. I wanted the i8 when it was going for about $1200 a month, and i had no idea the Tesla 75D was even in the ballpark. I agree with what you’re saying in regards to getting the car fully loaded, i’m a sucker for gadgets too. My CLS was fully loaded but i was underwhelmed by the technology, but the sound system and power were solid.

I’m trying to avoid getting into a new S class or 7 series, but all roads keep leading me back there. I’m 29 and trying to avoid the Dad mobile if possible.

Does anyone have experience leasing showroom vehicles that might have some mileage on them or manager vehicles? I’ve heard you can great lease deals by doing this, I had a friend get into a BMW 550i for $550 a month.

Thanks again for all the help!

What do you do for a living :slight_smile: you don’t have to say. Just kidding. I know someone who got RS7 for 75k so that should lease I guess for 1100. Let us know what you get.

550i for $550 is a great deal ( hoping 0 down just tax paid )

Ridiculously simple, obviously you like a Merc so
A Unimog


Tesla actually has descent lease deals on loaded demo P90Ds. Around $1,050 a month, $100k selling price and $125k+ MSRP. $7,500 drive off.

I started an insurance agency when I was young and we just started taking off last year… Hopefully it keeps going. Love the RS7 but I’m pretty sure it’s one of those cars you don’t lease cause you just get killed on the residual. Thanks though I will check

Yeah it had like 5k on it when he leased it. I can find out what dealership if you want.

I would love to but live in an apartment for now. Can’t get an EV if I could I would get the bmw i8.:grin:

Get a 5 series and put the savings toward moving somewhere with EV hookups so you can get an i8 the next time around?

Go on swapalease angry look at the QuattroPorte there is on for under 1000

Sadly, 1100 right now wont get you much that you dont already see in Cali. Bmw I8, Posche 911, Bmw M5. Benz C63 750li

but dad jimmy has a porsche… haha yeah that would be the prudent thing to do, but i’m not looking to buy. Living out my dream in a highrise for a now, until we pop out kiddos. Which i slightly hope is not anytime soon haha.

Yeah that’s what i’m thinking, but can you really get a lease for about $1100 on a Porsche or a BMW m5? Anyone have info on those cars?

Of course. 36/10 residuals on M5’s for this month are 67%. Im seeing people negotiate 10-12% off msrp. Leftover I8’s were going for cheap a couple months ago. Right now people are getting them around 1200 with tax. If you are interested in either,id head over to Bimmerpost and follow the threads on each car.

Go “Baller” status. Get a S550 Sport (with 20" AMG wheels)

White with the brown leather interior. Man, I get a chubby just thinking about it…

Thank you so much for the info. I’ve always been under the impression that the “Sports” version such as AMG, M Series, or RS line with Audi you get killed in the residuals. 67% residual on a M5 sounds ridiculous. Thank you again will definitely go check it out.

Your welcome. Your also correct, they depreciate worse than normal cars. But this is the last production year of the F10 M5 so they are inflating residuals to move inventory.

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Decided I’m just going to go with the Mercedes S class. Anyone know what I should be targeting in terms of the lease? Such as the target MSRP, Residuals, and such?