Best bank with lowest apr


i know this forum is for lease community, if you guys / the moderator disagree with questions i asks please delete the questions.

whats is the best bank or loans company that has lowest APR rate ?

my lease almost end & yesterday i found really good deal for car & price so decided to pulled the trigger by financing 2019 honda insight instead of lease it. but the APR Rate from honda dealership pretty awful ( 3.99 % ). so now im on searching to get better / lower APR. any input & help i really appreciated.



Best I’ve seen lately for new car is PenFed Credit Union - 2.49%@36, 3.24%@48, 3.49%@60.
DCU (Digital Federal Credit Union) is good too - new/used for 3.49% up to 65mo.
Rates are 1-2% higher than they were a couple years ago at their lowest point.


That’s actually decent now. Rates have been increasing. Even if you find 1% less that’s maybe $5-10 less a month.

Toyota standard rate goes up tomorrow. 5.25% :-1:t4:

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LAFCU has 1.9%:

Probably only for 36 months.


Thank you everyone :+1:t2:


Anyone know of any banks that do balloon notes?


PenFed has something called Payment saver with a ballon at the end of the term


what is balloon notes ?
my first time & want to know .


Google it ???

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Usually smaller payments with a large payment at the end of the term.