Benz lease return

I have a 2017 e400 coupe that is about to be turned in 2 months. However, I just got a bolt/nut? into my right rear tire and need to replace it due to the location of the puncture. (it’s at the at the very edge of center/shoulder). Should I replace it with just any tire with same ratings or just return it as it is right now? I guess I’m asking how much they would charge for one damaged tire. thanks for your help

Best bet would be to buy a cheap, but similar/same to the original tire on ebay. If you got run flats when you got the car, make sure that’s what you get.

i was wondering if i could use the 500 credit towards the tire problem

Go to a tire shop and they can patch it for $20

I had this same issue with a Mercedes last year. I spoke to Mercedes financial services who told me that the brand is a relevant but that each axle must have two tires of the same brand on them. For example, if you are replacing one tire on the rear axle it has to be the same brand as the other tire on that axle.

Can’t patch on shoulder.

Tire needs to be exact same rating as OE.

Depends, I’ve returned a couple MBs over the years. They give you a $500 allowance which covers the tires charge. Do you have any wear beyond normal wear & tear? If not just turn the car in as is.

You’ll need to check the inclusions/exclusions on your lease paperwork, or call the leasing company.

I would find a used tire on ebay of the same brand/make/model. IMO not worth the risk when it can be fixed for $200. However, I am impressed that you made it to lease end without tire & wheel protection and this is your only concern!

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What tires do you have now and what condition are the others?

Buying used identical tire from ebay is the cheapest option, no one will give you crap about not matching and since you are probably not driving much, you can get one with the lowest passing tread.