Benz Lease/Buy Question for 2023 GLC

I’m located in NY, I want to reserve the new redesigned GLC that comes out later this year and am willing to put a deposit down. Question I have, since I’ve never reserved anything except a Tesla before, is there a way to lock it in at MSRP or this completely up to dealer discretion?

I’m happy to pay sticker for whatever and whenever it comes out, but I don’t want to put a deposit down where they rug pull at and tack on 5k.

Is it worth even trying to do this?

Depends on the dealer. My store locks in any pricing at time of deposit. There is a store near us that scalps pricing and says the price is what the market says it is when your order comes in and that’s what you pay. (We consistently outsell them…)

Put it in your deposit/order contract that pricing cannot change between time of signing the order form and time of delivery. Most dealers do it this way but it wouldn’t be great to end up with one that doesn’t!

This is helpful. Thank you! Is there specific terminology or language I should use or is it just as simple as saying I’m hoping to price lock the order price when I’m able to place an order?

Just tell them you aren’t ordering with them unless its in writing that the price will not change.

What @cbergman (A great guy btw) is trying to say is that you need to get a signed order sheet from the dealership - to put it crudely, Cover Your a$$ by getting it in writing what your deal is.

This is the best way to guarntee a price, or guarntee speedy legal action when your car comes in.

The dealer can agree to lock in a selling price. Which is fine if you’re buying.

They cannot do anything regarding RV and buyrate MF. So your lease payment cannot be locked in if you’re trying to lease. You’re basically at the mercy of MBFS, and introductory programs are seldom good for the customer.

Question for ya if you dont mind?

I have been seeing on various forums that pre-orders/deposits are useless if the VIN is not on the deposit paperwork? Any truth to this?

Behind any car without a VIN is a Purchase Order number. Which is effectively the internal number for a dealer to use before a car becomes a full vehicle. So a client might have to specify to have that number somewhere on the paperwork (and it might be called something else with different brands), but yes there is a way to tie yourself to a vehicle from the day that a dealer gets the allocation. Then at a later date they can add the VIN.

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