Bentley intel (21 Bentayga)

Happy New Year, all.

Given the limited information here and generally available, I am looking to the forum for assistance filling in some gaps to aid in my upcoming negotiations for a 21 Bentayga V8 on the East Coast. Mind is made up on the vehicle and 21 redesign, and I understand the potential cost, so am not interested in solicitation of other vehicles (I know a X7 is nice and a third of the cost to lease). Perspective from folks that have leased/financed a Bentley in the past 12 months, preferably a 20 or 21 Bentayga, or brokers/dealers that have moved the brand would be helpful in getting a better understanding of the sales dynamics and historical patterns.

-Potential or reasonable expected discount off MSRP for the 21 Bentayga (desired specs are not so unique that a custom build is required, but it would be preferred if the % discount is comparable to inventory)

-Timing is flexible enough to allow for a build, but not so much to await a robust pre-owned/CPO market or the 22 model year release

-How does aging impact discounts for the brand/model? Is there a significant opportunity for discounting following the initial rollout, or any MFG incentives that are applied to aging units such as the First Editions?

-Buyrate Money factor for the 21 Bentayga?

-Edmunds does not have the information, and the last MF noted was .00247 for a 20 V8 back in February. Reverse engineering the lease deals on Miller Motorcars gives me a .00330, which could be marked up

-Captive finance interest rate?

-Any perspective how Bentley Financial compares to the market from a Financing perspective for T1? A lease MF above a .00200 would probably lean toward Financing as the better option

If there is anything else others have found useful in their negotiations, or dealerships you would recommend, please mention. Also, if there are any East Coast brokers in this space, I am open to speaking. Thanks, in advance.

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@fredyge94 could probably help you. I know he is a fellow Porsche guy, but his company has a Bentley dealer.

Ask them for January rate on Monday and they will respond to you. No need to reverse engineer it.

I would also check car forums to see what kind of purchase discounts people are getting so you can have an idea. Good luck.

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This isn’t exactly apples to apples but 6.5% off was doable on the flying spur first edition, so I assume the same can be done on the truck.

Back in 2017, I help my manager get a new Bentayga. I got the dealer to take $22K off a brand new vehicle from VPC It was 10% off a Onyx edition


Port car?


It was just late to the dealer.

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Thank you, all. I had 6.5% from the Flying Spur thread as a recent point of reference since it was a newly designed model year and within the same brand. The 10% is good to know. Appreciate the insights.

@Batistuta, any reason you feel they will have the numbers Monday? I created a new thread on Edmunds two days ago and they haven’t had specifics MF for Bentley since early in 2020.

Was this a one off situation where it created a distressed asset, or a circumstance that did not have an impact on the % you were able to negotiate?

Not sure. I remember it was some incentive applied that knocked a bit off the sell price. It wasnt a lease. Cash deal.

Usually the new numbers come out first Monday of the month that’s why.