Bentley Flying Spur

Hi everyone, I’m looking to do a deal on a Flying Spur. I know with Rolls, getting discounts very common but there aren’t enough data points for Bentley. Is 10% right now in this climate attainable?

Text Gor 424-278-8216 or Paul 818-434-8063; SoCal Only Unless Stated Otherwise

@legendsauto are my choice for exotics… if I could afford one.

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Thank you! I’ll go ahead and reach out to them. It’s not exclusively a SoCal exclusive question though, there are a total of maybe two dozen total in the US since the factory is shut down.

@fredyge94 works at Motor cars of Manhattan. I doubt you’ll get 10% though, lol.

It’s not, but they have experience with that type of car. We don’t get a lot of Bentley deals coming through here so comparison deals are limited/non-existent.

This is a new car. You have very unrealistic expectation @Muwa !

That car is going at around list or above. We are sold out and most dealers in the country are as well. We have 1 available out of the 5 incoming in the next month or two.

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Juries in, not happening… best of luck in your search!

They really put no effort into styling that car. Bland bland bland, boring design, especially for a quarter million!!

10% on the Flying Spur I wouldn’t think that’s possible currently. Leftover Continental GT you may get closer.

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I got ~7% off on a first edition. 6.5% + tints + delivery.

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It depends on the dealer and how many cars that they have on the lot. I found I could get 6.5% off anything on the lot, and maybe 2% off on incoming cars. Funny enough is that on a $300k VAG product, none of the first editions have the top down cameras or guidance back up lines for whatever reason despite having night vision, LKA, and self parking.

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Can you post numbers please? I run a monthly special threaad and need to know the numbers to decide if Bentley can be included in the list …


This wasn’t a lease, it was a cash only deal. AFAIK there is no Flying Spur lease program, seeing as there are only a couple dozen in the country currently. For what it’s worth, the car had a 287k sticker, and was sold for 260k + tax including tinting and delivery from Palm Springs to San Diego (7% off sticker). Essentially if there was a MF and RV it would be be pretty easy to calculate monthly’s. If you’d like I could call the dealership and ask for those values?