Benedetto's Florida Volvo Deals in June

[Will add more later]

Wanted to throw out some Florida Volvo numbers before Costco expires.

Will get the calculator links up soon.


I’m in Florida and possibly interested in your xc90 t5 MOM AWD. I’m currently in an S90 with 5 months left on lease, can this be done with pull ahead? Also does Aplan help if I don’t have costco?


I’m going to PM you.

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Any T6 s60 with luxury package, need those ventilated seats?

Hi @Benedetto

I am looking to put my dad who is getting older and still traveling all across the state in a fully loaded XC60 (advanced, luxury, air).

Is it possible to get a LH score of 10 on these? We are patient enough to 6 months or so.

I don’t have a spreadsheet, that is current for August yet.

Will try to get it together over the weekend.


Hey @Benedetto I just sent you an email. Pls get back to when ever you get the chance. Thanks!