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I recently worked with Ben on a lease for a 2018 Alpha Romeo Giulia Ti Sport AWD in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area. Ben was extremely communicative during the whole process, both texting and over the phone. I’m very pleased with his professionalism and with the service he provided, and the deal he was able to finalize for me.
Thanks Ben!


I’m in Michigan. You available to discuss finding me a lease? I hate the game and am not picky. Should be easy.


Sorry can’t figure out how to send a direct message on this!


Sorry, was WAY out of town on holiday in Romania.

2018 Volvo S90 T6 Momentum, MSRP $60K.


I’ve had Ben on retainer for 3+ months and he’s been very communicative, actually the reason I decided to pay the retainer was that I felt bad that he was giving me so much free advice and time.

Sounds like solutions were provided but not to the buyer’s wishes, whether or not those wishes were realistic or not we’ll have to wait until August. Regardless of how this plays out there’s no need to be malicious and make disparaging comments.

Ben keep up the good work, obviously there are a lot of satisfied customers out there.


Where did you go in Romania?

I’m looking @ Bucharest in the somewhat near future.


I picked up my S90 T6 2 weeks ago. Benedetto did the work and I’m thrilled with the car and the deal. He gets my unconditional recommendation!

My situation wasn’t easy, either. I hired him last year to find me a G80 Sport. I told him I wasn’t in a rush (owned the vehicle I was driving and was happy with it) and was willing to wait it out for the right deal. Genesis wasn’t (and still isn’t) willing to get realistic on their lease offers, so we began to talk about other options. After several months of hoping G80 Sport incentives would appear, I finally told him I was ready to move on to take advantage of the Volvo deals.

Getting an S90 in Arkansas isn’t easy. There’s only 1 Volvo store in the whole state and it’s 3 hours from where I live. The tax situation is a mess and many out-of-state dealers don’t want to deal with it. Despite this, he made it work and I couldn’t be happier with the process or the outcome.

For the months he and I worked together he was always responsive to my texts, emails, and calls. Not only was he professional and knowledgeable in his communications, but he explained things in a way a first time leaser (me) could understand and learn from. And once we were done talking about cars, we’d talk about tech, books, entrepreneurship, politics, and more!

Bottom line - Benedetto is a communicative and professional broker who gets results for his clients. I will hire him again for my next lease.


I didn’t end up hiring Ben but he took the time to explain the process and temper my expectations. The reason I didn’t hire him was only because I took part in the easily obtained QX60 deals about a month ago. Ben called me promptly, explained things clearly and will work for any make/model in any part of the country. This is where I think Ben sets himself apart from others whereas the others are fixers and only set you up with a deal in their pipeline. I even sent him some quotes to compare between an MDX and QX60 and he responded with good feedback within minutes. I couldn’t recommend him more.

On another note, why do some members of the forum feel the need to come to the defense of the brokers on these reviews? You never see this on trip advisor, VRBO, etc… Ben is a big boy and explained himself very well. You guys that come to his defense don’t add any value as you only have info from posts and not the whole story. If anything, it puts the critic and broker at odds against each other and the posts become arguments rather than reviews/rebuttals.


We were in Romania for 2 weeks. A week of that was spent in Bucharest. It’s a busy, somewhat confusing city.

An American dollar goes a long way in Romania.

We spent a week touring the Carpatian Moutains by motorcycle.

I believe you could find a good time in Bucharest. Enjoy.


Hi Ben, can you give me an idea of how you are paid for your services? We may be in the market to lease 2 cars in the next 8-10 weeks and I am trying to make a plan that my wife will understand.
Thanks, Dave Richey


PM Him your questions…this is a review thread.


Has anyone heard from him recently? I PMd him 2 days ago with a detailed request but haven’t heard back. Not upset or anything, just wanna know if I should follow up with another message. Maybe he’s on vacation? I don’t wanna be annoying


I’m always swamped.

Please schedule an appointment w/ me

Lease broker recommendations?

Thanks! I’ll schedule a time.


@Benedetto was great - I told him what I wanted and that I needed it in a couple of days and he found it for me. Everyone at the dealership told me that he was an excellent negotiator. I will definitely use him for my next car. Even if he didn’t like the color.


Of course they did. Opposite would mean that you got a bad deal** :grin:

** This is NOT the case

Sorry, Ben. Could not resist :sunglasses:


Hi All,

Just wanted to add my opinion of Ben for whoever might be out there looking for a car, we did not close on a deal because I lucked onto something, but he was brilliant to work with and knows everything about what he’s doing trust his record.


Based on the reviews here, I have reached out to Ben. Thanks everyone!