Being throttled in browser?

So it looks like I’m being throttled when I’m just browsing LH forums.


This started happening when I worked on scraping data from “Share deals and tips” section programmatically. Most likely there were too many GET requests in quick succession from the app from my IP, but I haven’t been working on the app for few days now. I’m still continuing to see “too many requests” message in the browser intermittently, when I’m just causally browsing the site.

@michael, @littleviolette, is it possible someone on LH side could look into this?



When in doubt clear your cookies and cache :slight_smile: haha jk

No jokes, that’s the 1st thing I did.

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You could just force a change to your external ip address with your ISP and that would solve your issue.


that is awesome suggestion. Gonna try it when all family gets off their zoom calls.

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That didn’t help, getting same message even with new public IP.

Are you using any kind of proxy or running any ad blocking plugins on your browser? Also, try opening it in an incognito window to see if that eliminates the message.

No proxy and all plugins are disabled on this site.

Try connecting through your phone if possible, so it’s the same device but a completely different access route and IP address. That should help work out if it’s related to your device or your network/ISP.

That is definitely odd. The only time I’ve seen this error it has been fixed by clearing browsing data or changing the public IP address. Does a different browser give you the same error?

I pretty much narrowed it down to my FIOS public IP. On a cell network, everything is fine, but from inside my home network - it’s happening regardless of browser/plugins/settings etc. This looks more and more like IP host based API throttling on LH side. My host probably got blacklisted due to excessive calls from the app I was writing that was hitting LH programmatically in quick succession. :frowning_face:


Glad you found the issue. I have that issue sometimes since I use a proxy. I’ll get a bad IP that was previously blacklisted, and have to reconnect to avoid constant challenges from websites.

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You probably got rate limited. What’s the status code coming back on your GET requests? 429? I doubt you were blocked altogether, there’s usually a cool-off that goes with rate-limits. Not sure what platform LH is hosted on but pretty much any cloud provider would have rate limit checks in place or else site owners would be stuck paying huge auto-scaling bills due to bots.

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Yes, I’m pretty sure that is what it is. It’s just I am not making too many requests anymore by just browsing LH, I might have done that few days ago. Odd that I’d get 429 just by browsing forums.

Just got this trying to post this reply:

Did you have to provide any kind of auth key/token in the headers of your GET request? If yes, that’s tied to your account and any requests coming from that token get counted against the rate limit. Log out and try browsing the forums, should work without issues would be my guess.

No, no tokens or auth. Hitting specific URLs with headless browser programmatically, not pure API calls.

I wonder what rate limit is and over what time span, and will I continue to see these errors go away as time passes…

For no auth requests, you would be rate-limited based on your IP. You could try one of those free extension VPNs or a proxy to browse the forum in the meanwhile.

Both questions can be answered once we know who the underlying provider is unless these were set manually. There’s usually default rate-limits when you deploy an application but they can be overridden by the account admin.

Looks to be a discourse forum. My suspicion is you hit the 50 requests within the timeframe.

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Fyi… i cant find info on how long the cooldown lasts for.

Nothing on this specifically bar “slow down,” but this could generally be useful info:

Interesting note on proxies and firewalls at the end. Any chance you have a physical firewall box or something hooked up to your gateway?