Been offered this on a Outback Touring 3.6R in SoCal

MSRP: $40,607
Sale Price: $36380
Down Payment: $899
Residual: 57%
MF: .0008
12k miles
42 months

Monthly Payment: $377

Any good? Not 1%, but close

I think you could get a bit more on the discount. Maybe 12-14% off compared to your 11% now.

Also, you should run the numbers with a 36/12 lease. On a 42 month lease you’ll be paying for an extra full year of registration.

Moving to relevant section

Down to $354 + tax, with $1000 down for registration, etc.

The 36 months are way higher for some reason.

36/12 should be an MF of .00095 and residual of 62%. Plug it into a calculator and confirm for yourself based on the numbers they’re providing.