Be prepared to pay sticker PRI$$$$E!

Wholesale car club Facebook page. It was started by the guy that owns There’s independent dealers there that will match and beat Carvana vroom etc.

These guys are buying 150k super cars to flip and make $1000 off of. It’s nuts, major bubble but while it lasts it’s a good resource if you want to go around the big companies.

Reminds me of bring a trailer but on Facebook


I just landed in Los Angeles from Europe for work. I’ll be living here for some time.

I was hoping to get a lease deal for a decent price, not expecting a great deal considering no credit score, but at least something decent

Any recommendations for getting a new car considering the situation? (I have a rental until early august)

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Being a foreign national with no US credit, your major hurdle is going to be determining who you can even get approved by, much less who will give you a good deal.


BMW and Ford do an executive program for foreign nationals. However, I initially used International Autosource who managed to get me a lease without any credit history. Had to negotiate a price (after comparing deals online) but it was a seamless process

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Thank you both! I’ll check with IAS. I’ve heard they are kind of pricey but I’ll give it a try.

I know Toyota never asks for your residential status. Most of foreign students get Toyota easily. Just have your pay stub with you. Your mileage might be different though. I myself bought a used Toyota out right. Sold it with the same price after 2 years and leased a new car.

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So I was trying to test drive the GLC coupe and this dealer only have one in the lot (just arrived and cannot test drive before inspection and software update) and 2 in the network. We chat a bit and he says he would expect to sell not only this one but almost half of their vehicles at MSRP as the very limited inventory. Is it true for MB or just BS? what is your thoughts?


Who cares what he said? Do your research and make an offer.

Plug the following into the LH calculator after MSRP of the vehicle you’re looking at:

Selling price based on % pre-incentive discount found by searching Shared Deals and Marketplace sections of this forum.

RV, MF and incentives (lease cash) from Edmunds forums. Add any extra rebates you qualify for (college grad, etc) under incentives.

DMV fees and taxes based on your state’s official website.

Voila! Now check the box to make it $0 DAS and offer the resulting monthly payment*

  • preferably rounded to a multiple of $5 or $10 to make yourself seem more like a normal person :innocent:

It is in Nashville. The volume of dealerships have not kept up with growth. G wagons are going for 75k Over MSRP. Used a broker (lease companion) and saved 50 percent (no exaggeration).


I suggest that you go to a Mercedes dealer that has more inventory in stock.

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People should stop buying cars unless it’s an urgent need. The dealers get used to selling cars at msrp or even higher now and it may take longer to normalize even the supply issues are resolved.


Question in General.
I’m looking for lease from last 2 months. Prices seems to be higher then last year (after searching on LH forum)

Most of the cars are bring sold for 5% off of MSRP.
Earlier that used to be 10 to 12 %.

Any specific reason ?

Yes. Inventory shortages due to chip shortage, labor shortage, etc. There’s about a bazillion threads on this right now.


Global chip shortage.

I’m in the same boat. I actually need to pick up 2 cars (1 for me and 1 for our nanny)… It doens’t look like the shortage is going to end any time soon so i may just have to bite the bullet and pay the premium…ugg

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Was reading article on chip shortage just now.
It says : it might last whole 2021.

Nvdia CEO said it will last until mid of next year.

There is an entire thread about the ongoing shortages (semiconductors, foam, third-party sub-assemblies, etc) with some brand-specific updates


It even comes with advice on what bidet to buy!!!

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