*BBG: Automakers That Have Won Big or Lost Ground Going Into 2021


This is a pretty good analysis, in a usually poor format.

I’d suggest Volvo is also a “winner”, and Infiniti is (obv) a “loser”.

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Volvo’s lineup is super competitive top to bottom. Design language is appealing and cutting edge, and tech is best bang for buck in lower- to mid-end luxury (and will be much better once Sensus is replaced by Android Auto variant).

The number of XC90’s on Upper East Side/Brownstone Brooklyn/Hamptons was really crazy this year. People who can afford any car are actively choosing Volvo.


IHS now predicts 14.5 million new-vehicle units will be sold in the U.S. this year, down roughly 3 million units from 2019. Cox Automotive puts the number at 14.4 million, down 15.3% year-over-year.

Interesting. Can’t wait for final numbers. But until then I found this blathering from April:

I’m glad to share the 2020 “I told you so” award for US annual auto sales with @CarryTheInterest

Nissan got as much criticism in this article as it has here


One of the most succinct/honest comments about Alfa/Maserati (they of the pleasing exhaust note) in the FCA portfolio:

Despite public comments by FCA about its commitment to those brands, Tynan expects they could be soon packaged and sold. “I don’t know that they necessarily want them, I don’t know where they necessarily fit in the [FCA] portfolio.” Maserati, he continues, “is not the brand— just not it , either performance-wise or luxury-wise, in its segment.” Alfa presents a similar story: “It’s good for what it is … but what is it?”

I don’t entirely disagree with the takes on RR/Jag, but it all depends on how interested/bored Tata is, and how much longer they keep recapitalizing the brands. The article mentions the excess production capacity they created for cars that nobody wants and they aren’t building. Can they build more of the lower cost/margin vehicles without diminishing the brand? :man_shrugging:t2:

2021 buyout candidate. PE/Chinese good candidates. Except for CCP perhaps blocking a deal with Tata.

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If they had not forced US dealers to consolidate/upgrade their points, I’d see Tata dumping Jag and keeping LR, but they have to go as a package. And as I’ve said more than once, the only customer demographic that matches theirs is Tesla (unreliable luxury), and Tesla still needs the dealer/service network, but I don’t see then spending for a company that is 98% ICE/1% PHEV/1% EV.

Stranger things could happen.


Just imagine Chinese buying LR/Jag and letting Brits to do their thing, just as Geely let Swedes run Volvo.


Volvo is eating the Japanese competitors’ lunch. Once they go even more electric, they’ll take a ton of market share. That’s what happens when you have unlimited Chinese money backing you.

Sounds like Vancouver in here.

Nope - all of the big buyout shops looked at JLR before it went to Tata. I actually met Jacques Nasser many times and spoke about this with him. After he formed PAG and left Ford, he went to work at One Equity Partners. They, and other buyout shops all passed on JLR. It was beyond saving.

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