Bay Area / Sac EV Lease Deals ? / <$100 Mo with low down

  1. Sacramento, CA but willing to go as far as San Jose for a deal.
  2. Any EV (500e, Leaf, Spark). May consider some PHEV (Volt, ect). I have a 6 mile work commute so anything with doors would work, but based on my math and free work charging. EV + cheap lease deal beats gas lease deals.
  3. 36 month / 10 k is fine. Though would prefer 24 months.
  4. Under $100 a month with low down. Hoping Labor Day helps with this.

I waited too long on the Spark EV deals and not finding anything in my search areas now. Anyone have any other good deals? Looking for another cheap EV deal in the next few weeks.

My main objective is the lowest actual monthly cost (not sure on the exact term, but essentially out the door costs (down + registration fees) + end of lease fees+ sum of monthly payments/ # of months) less than $180 a month.

I know large down payments are bad, but I am willing to risk it and ok with the $4000 down $50 a month deals, since total actual monthly cost is still low.

I am essentially trying to beat the 500e deal that I got two years ago:

2015 Fiat 500e (deal was $69 a month, $1000 down 500e special). After an extra package, my lease payment is $126 a month. The total cost is around $4300 so my actual monthly is about $180.

Some crazy deals here on the e-Golf:

$19/month, $999 down, 24 months. It looks like it’s 15k miles TOTAL, so 7500/year.


Nice, I wonder if we can get a megathread started listing the labor day specials.


Nice, Looks like another VW Dealer is having some specials. Not as good as Serramonte, but just sharing it as well:

(24 monthly closed-end lease payments of $19 per month + tax. $12,100.01 ($4,600.01 cash from customer + $7,500 Factory Bonus Cash) total drive-off due at lease inception, including a $0 security deposit.)

There’s also a bunch of other acquisition fees, dmv fees etc.

It looks like both dealers are out of the $19 a month special. Though they have some other deals but nothing anywhere close to $19 a month.

Update: SerramonteVW got back to me with a 24 month lease on e-golf se (basic) with dc fast charger, $39 a month, $3944 drive off (1999 down + other fees). Deal ends tomorrow. I don’t have a breakdown of the lease yet, but still thinking about it.

It is a bit high on the total vehicle cost but still reasonable. Though trying to decide if I should gamble and wait for other labor deal or just do it since this will satisfy my needs for the next two years and hopefully score a similar cheap lease on the longer range EVs (bolt, ect) next time around.

i would target $7500 off the MSRP on the egolf quick charge.

Any lease deal should be converted to a $0 down lease to easily compare.
The deal you posted equal to a $0 down, $203/month lease.


Unless the MF is high…

Yep and that is where the trouble starts. I see that is possible to score a 36 month lease for a volt for around that much a month. Though my preference is 24 months due to my own quirks :slight_smile: so based on the other 24 month deals I figure this is not a bad deal.

Going to pick it up this afternoon, unless something crazy happens.

The Bolt (and specter of the Model 3) should only further depress values of the current crop of <100 mile BEVs.

Probably worth waiting to see next month’s offerings IMO.

After some consideration, I decided to go for it over a 3 year volt lease. I was satisfied with the 80 mile range on my fiat 500e, and was just looking for more space and another 2 year lease. Only got 7000 off MSRP.

Though I will making another post to discuss the deal further as I had some lease questions. As I wanted to keep this post more about lease deals.

If someone is looking for a volt, this maybe a good deal if you can get one:

My Lease details, other post will have actual lease copy.

MSRP was 31625 for 2016 golf se with Quick Charge Package (2 year / 7500 miles). MF: .00065 and Residual 46%