Bay Area C.A. Bolt EV as low as ONE PAY $8,999 or Net $0 down ($3,300 drive off) $202/mo including tax!


Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet
San Jose C.A.

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Bolt EV as low as ONE PAY $8,999 or Net $0 down ($3,300 drive off) $202/mo including tax!

For those of you that don’t know me or how I do business, here is what a few other LH members had to say.

I contacted @ChevyPhil on Saturday and Sunday I signed the lease.
All details worked out over text/email, when I came to the dealership there were no surprises
and everyone were very professional.
@ChevyPhil is real, no bullshit, answers promptly with the important details numbers.
Not your regular “come over and we’ll talk” or "all you should care is the monthly payment"
like some of the other dealers I contacted.

I bugged @ChevyPhil to let me know when the bonus tag vehicles would hit and (safely)
raced down to San Jose to take advantage of the deal as soon as the manager at the dealer
tagged the cars. Highly recommend dealing with him, straight up and friendly guy…"

@ anonymous
Just got off the phone with @ChevyPhil
Very nice and ethical salesman. Told me where to get the best deal and didn’t try to convince me to come to his dealership.
I would recommend giving him a call if you have questions
a neighboring dealer has the best deal. I’ll be picking up the volt tomorrow

Talked to Phil, he gave me some really good insights on purchasing a 2017 Volt and got me a killer
price on one of the cars in his inventory, 2017 Volt LT in Heather Gray Metallic w/ Comfort Package + leather
seats. Amazing guy who actually knows his cars - didn’t try to upsell me on anything, just explained what was
available. Went in around 8:30pm, walked out the door around 11pm with my Volt! Would highly recommend for
anyone who’s planning to lease or buy a car near the Bay Area. Thanks man :slight_smile:


Which of these rebates and offers are taxable?


all 3 rebates are taxable and it is included in the quote.

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet
San Jose C.A.


what’s the quote like for 12k mile a year?


Not much more, $283.35 per month 12k/36mo. all inclusive. without bonus tag. good all month.
With a bonus tag its $268.69 for 12k


So I assume since it’s 36 month, still get $1500 back from clean ev rebate?


correct. A online application and you get a check in about 45-60 days.

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet
San Jose C.A.


let’s say 12k/36mo.

So total due at sign is $283.35? and then the rest of the 35 month is $283.35?
after applying the clean ev rebate($1500) and PG&E rebate($500), monthly will become (283.35x36-2000)/36= $227.79 including tax(9.25%) ?
And this is without bonus tag, if with bonus tag, we can even get it lower?


Correct, it is lower with the bonus tag. I actually need to post one for Bonus tag cars. I have about 8 at this MSRP coming in any day now with bonus tags pre-selected.


Thanks for the quote! but shouldn’t total due at signing be $268.69?


it’s actually $0 due at signing. Then 35 payment of $268.69. Text or Email me if your in the bay area.

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet
San Jose C.A.


Call or text me to set a apt this weekend, they are selling fast

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet
San Jose C.A.


So this is only available to bay area residents? do these rebates apply to Southern California as well?


I’m really interested in this deal. Is it the LT with leather and bose? The buyer gets to keep the California rebate as well, right? That isn’t out towards this deal to come to zero due? Thanks in advance.


It most likely it’s the base model, with no option, and he said the $1500 clean air rebate is for lesser to keep so it’s truly 0 due at sign and pay what ever the monthly is for 35 month . The Bose is not that good. I have Bose in my Cruze and feel like I can live without it. It’s far away from BMW’s Harmon Kardon Surrand System. Yes, you do get more bass with Bose but it’s very messy bass not as clear and rich. Feel like this Bose system does not deserve the name “Bose”

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available anywhere in C.A. if a dealer is willing to do it. Contact @chevysalesgirl for So Cal


This is The base model LT to get to the lowest price. The $1,500 rebate from the state goes directly to you.


I wish I could like this comment more then once. That exactly how I fell about it. Thanks Skyline!

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet
San Jose C.A.


Great feedback! Thank you for the dialog. I was thinking bose would be amazing.

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