Bay area 430 dp, is it a good offer?

Hi, Guys.
Share a offer here:

2021 430i with 36/10k.
The first quote of dealer is ridiculous 700 pre-tax, after bargaining, current offer is below
MSRP 52xxx
11% pre-incentive off
1500 incentive
7 MSD + 0 downpayment
pre-tax monthly: 580

I did not accept it. According forms from several brokers, I thought 500 pre-tax should be good.


You don’t have sufficient information here to compare any of this.

If you’re actually getting 11% pre-incentive at buy rate, I wouldn’t expect much more


Hi, you mean buy rate MF?
They said MF with 7 MSD would be 0.00103 at best because they wanna make money in the back.
Is it a good offer?
As far as I know, the BMWFS is 0.00093. With 7 MSD, it could be 0.00058.
I don’t know generally what MF could be reasonable for dealer


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So they’re fully marking up the mf to .00133 then. Basically that means you’re at 9% discount after adjusting for the mark up.

That’s assuming there aren’t any other hidden fees with profit hiding. Does your calculator add up for their offer?


totally not add up for.
Finance Charge per month according to 0.00103 should be 78
but according to their quote 580 - Depreciation is 155, twice as it should be

Can you post their lease sheet and your lh calculator?

I did not take photo. I felt humiliated by their “last” shot in 1-hour talk, so left at once after “thank u”

my lh calculator is below

Your dealer fees on your calculator are probably about $400 too low

What county do you live in just checking your tax rate.

sorry, I can’t remember it, so just leave it default

Roughly 1.25-1.5% of msrp in CA for gov fees

I said in bay area. Tax rate should be same 7.5% across the state, right?

I’m not sure there’s a Bay Area county with tax rate that low.

No, not at all

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got it.
does it matter to my offer? I thought we were talking about the pre-tax data

I guess if that’s the case we don’t need a calculator. Good luck!


In CA: the base lease tax rate is 7.75%. Every county can add 0-? additional. You need to know this for your county before you even start.

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Anywhere you leave ambiguity is a place for the offer to get away from you.

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I thought the tax is pre-dertemined and charged based on lease portion( Capitalized Cost - Residual Value). It did not affect pre-tax monthly payment
if I am wrong, could you send me a link on how tax plays in the lease negotiation.

Many thanks

What happens is they agree to your price and then say “but after tax, it’s $650/mo” and sneak in more cost somewhere.

There is absolutely 0 justifiable reason to go in to the negotiations intentionally ignorant. You want to get to the end and verify your final numbers and make sure those haven’t changed, not some intermediates number. Remember, you have taxes on fees and incemtivednthsy get capitalized if you don’t pay them up front. It isn’t as simple as just the tax on the monthly payment.