Bad Experience at Hyundai Dealership

Went to local Hyundai dealer first thing in the morning. My daughter test drove 2017 Elantra SE and negotiated $139/36/12k sign and drive (which he made me sign off as a sign of faith to purchase car today) . Had to drop off my daughter to work and came back with my wife 2 hours later. Test drove the car myself and went back inside and salesman was supposed to have the credit manager working on our deal. Showroom was busy and salesman was also working on another deal at this time. We told him we would go out to get something to eat since our paperwork was not quite ready. Had lunch and was able to pick up our daughter and go back to dealership.

Lo and behold, the monthly has to go up to $179 because the dealership has used all their “flex dollars” for the month and cannot be applied to our deal anymore. I did not even know what to say except “I’m not paying more than $139” and all salesman can say was “sorry, I’ll call you if anything changes”. Don’t think I’ll be doing business with them unless they honor the original deal.

I’m just dumbstruck and now have to start looking all over again.

You did the right thing. And when/if the dealer calls - tell him you will sign for $129/mo

Welcome to the world of car buying. Do not get upset just chuckle and move on. Great thing you part of a forum like this that you can peruse for other deals.

I’ve had bad experiences with Hyundai as a customer. Here are some fun ones:

  1. When I got my car - leased a veloster '13, the Hyundai finance website wouldn’t let me pay online. There was a major bug in their website. I had to call in to pay, and on the third month (yes they did not fix it for over 3 months), the rep tried to charge me like $7 for paying over the phone.

  2. I returned my lease and paid everything off - last month, disposition, any excess wear & tear, etc. When I checked my credit about a month later, there was a negative mark saying I was 60-90 days late on a payment to Hyundai. I called Hyundai and they said everything is paid in full and on time, so they didn’t know why there was a negative mark on my credit. They did take care of the issue, but resolving it required me calling the credit bureaus and hyundai multiple times and also waiting 1-2 months before the negative mark was erased.

Just goes to show you it’s all about the sale “right now” and that sign of faith was worthless.

Exactly, that is why i would not feel bad walking away from a sign off. At minimum they could say come first day of next month and we will take care of you.

Hyundai was a pain in the ass and rude regardless of dealer. They definitely coach bait and switch and asshole pushover sales tactics. I purchased a 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid from Arapahoe Hyundai in Denver. When I wanted to compare lease vs buy they switched cars, the stock # I was looking at had leather and other options. They swapped it to a base model. 2 hours of dicking around and I walked. I spent the afternoon calling other dealers and nobody in the rocky mountain region could come close. They called that evening and followed up and we came to am agreement on the phone. They stuck to it but I went out and verified VIN and such before signing. Then they pushed a hard ass sale on upgraded warranty. Threatened to pull the deal if I didnt sign up. Passed anyway and they went on with the sale. Ever since they got paid the salesman is my best friend. They made jack shit on the car I know, from 29600 to 19400, but still the run around was ridiculous.