Bad deal for Atlas? Should I go for MDX?

Hi everyone! Thank you for taking time to view my post!
I’m a newbie and learning to lease my first car! I’m in UT and in the market for 3 rows SUV, captain chairs . Currently Volkswagen Atlas SEL 4motion caught my eyes. So I did my research and found numbers to plug in the calculator. The MSRP is $46055. The lowest dealer around me advertisies $40250 on their website.
Term: 36/12 with tier 1 credit,res 56%, no down, tax 6.85%. The estimate monthly payment is $507 before tax and $542 after tax. (I’m post on mobile and for some reasons the Cal doesn’t let me link! I apologise for this!)
I haven’t send the dealership my proposal yet. But I don’t feel confident about it since my friend got MDX with tech package for ~$500/month.
So here are questions that I need help:

1.Can I bargain it down to $37k-35? Is it possible to ask more discount even the dealer already discounted off of the MSRP?
2. Should I consider another SUV to keep it under $500/month?
Thank you and have a good lease day!

Welcome to LH! You’re not going about this the right way. LH is a community to help one another, but you must be willing to help yourself and do research.

Take the time, do the research and read Leasing 101 and other sticky topics for newbies. Once you understand the concepts, then you reach out to the dealer(s) and either ask them for a Lease sheet or at min to provide you with the following;

Selling price before any incentives being applied
Money Factor (MF)
Residual Value (RV)
Term / Miles per yr

Then you research the MF, RV and any incentives avail for your zipcode at Edmunds.

Then come back and post deal details here w/ all the above info for eval and guidance.

Good Luck w/ your search!

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No captain chairs in MDX with tech package, you need Advance trim to get them.

Hi! I assumed you just read the the tittle but not my actual post.Although MF and RV are guestimate since Edmunds doesn’t have those in my area; I did included most of number and terms. Also there is no incentive at this moment for Atlas.

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Thank you so much for the info! My first choice was the Atlas so I haven’t looking into MDX details much. I texted my friend for his exact monthly payment and his salesman phone number but he hasn’t replied yet.
He told me he got Tech package,no down, royalty bonus. His car has bench second row.
I will see if I can work out some number with VW dealship,ifnot I’ll go for MDX as said.

That’s not how Edmunds works. You ask what the numbers are for your area and they will respond.

With most dealers, website numbers mean nothing. A lot of dealers leave out (read hide) fees and other things they usually tack on from the website price, because they want to make it look attractive. When you call them, the numbers will be very different, a whole bunch of sales folks I talked to don’t even know what’s on their website. Sometimes the car is gone, sometimes they cant honor the number, most often they just go “yeah? that’s what it says? well this is the number I can offer you”

Some dealers (depends on state) have an option to purchase online, or work with third party sites like truecar, honcker etc; they tend to stay with the advertised numbers, but you can almost always get a much better deal than what they advertise.

Email dealers, pick up the phone. Use the website numbers as a very rough guide, but that’s it.

I was looking at those exact same two cars recently. here’s my post with actual dealer numbers Evaluate my lease please: Atlas V6 SEL AWD

The MDX is leasing much better than the atlas right now (by that I mean that a higher MSRP vehicle will work out to a cheaper monthly payment and cheaper total cost over the life of the lease, largely helped by the $8500 incentive Acura is giving out). The Atlas has a lot more space inside though, but is also very plasticky. I ended up going with an XC90 over both of those cars last week.

What kind of deal did you get on the XC90?

Sorry to hijack

@Ian_Park thank you so much! I was so dumb that I was Googling and looking it up w/o knowing that you can ask them!

@foragerr you are right! When I emailed the salesman, he had no idea what the discount number comes from. I have to inform he about online ad. After that he told me the number was VET+grad+ something else discount which I am not qualified. Currently there is no incentives for VW so beside price negotiating and MF, I don’t have much room to squiggle!
You’re also right about the space in the MDX. I concerned about it too that’s why I still hesitate to call the Acura dealership!
May I ask what XC90 did you go for? This is my first time leasing so can you share the deal with me? How do you approach the dealership? ( I feel like my deal style scare and irritate the salesman!) Last but not least how much do you pay before tax?
Thank you so much for taking time to read and response to my post!

I just negotiated a deal on a 2019 VW Atlas SE w/tech 4 motion, captains chairs, panoramic roof, and tow package for $360 with $2k down, taxes and fees up front. The SE w/tech may be a better lease option.

Also recently got an XC90 over an Atlas (few months ago). Was considering mainly the Atlas, QX60 and XC90. Atlas had the lowest MSRP, but worst lease terms of the three.

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SE/Tech has about twice the incentive as SEL right now.

Good deals to be had on XC90 R Design T5/T6, check out your region for incentives.