🥓.Bacon's BMW Deals: Midwest I Builds - X5 , 530i, Z4 30i -On the ground 430i GC -10% - M5 Build

As we move into 2022, I wanted to reiterate a few things and see if I can make it more by setting up a little Q&A for you :slight_smile:

Is it a good time to buy/lease a car?
No it is not. Low inventory, shortages of parts, and threat of another wave of Covid.

Are there any deals on SUVS?
No - SUVs have always been popular and since there is a shortage of vehicles all the way around, the demand for these vehicles continue to rise

If I email all the brokers, should i expect different answers?
Most respected brokers will let you know the exact same thing. If one broker is giving you % off on a in-stock or build, another one is not going to double in %

Will my discount be honored for a build?
All discounts have BEEN honored with incoming builds. I work with dealers I trust and if that ever changes, I will refund immediately and work with you and the dealer.

Why are my emails not being returned?
Clients that are emails about wanting 10% + or some unrealistic number for a payment, will not be returned. Not to be rude, but if you are on this forum, you can quickly understand the market.

Is your consultant fee still worth it?
Yes - the jokes are worth it- I stay with clients the whole time through the transaction and facilitate everything, It is easier to just pay someone to take care of everything and wait to go pick up the car/arrive at your door than deal with this market.

How are you handling in-stock units?
Even instock deal will be verified, as inventory changes, so does the discount. So there will not be a set % discount for the month.

I will continue to focus on customer service and making this an enjoyable process through this unknown time. My reviews demonstrate that I have a passion for helping people and will do my best 100% of the time!



1% pre incentive
Base mf
can ship

X5 xdrive40i
3.5% pre incentive
Base mf
can ship

6.5% pre incentive
Base mf
can ship

Updated Pricing on Z4 -112 status

Z4 30i
9.5% pre incentive
Base mf
can ship

On the ground units

10% pre
base mf

2022 430i GC RWD - DOES NOT have m-sport or power seats
$2k due at signing + tax
$557+ tax

Consulting fee: $550

Best way to contact me

Email: Stephen@baconscarconcierge.com
Website: www.baconscarconcierge.com
Office hours:
M-F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Saturday: Appointments Only
Sunday: Closed

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That X3M Comp deal is stupid

It better go today


X3 M Comp deal is actually going to make me puke. Amazing deal.

Sent a PM, interested in the X3m comp


PM’d re the X3M Comp. thanks!

X3 M is pending sold!

Thanks everyone.


Wish that X3M comp deal was here in California and 5 months later when my current lease is up.

^^^ @Ursus special right there


I was thinking the same thing! :slight_smile:

Is that still visible? I don’t see where to look for that deal.

M8 posted! Great set up…

wow, that’s probably right around the same price for a 2021 m3 comp lease :joy: this is definitely a great deal on a new car.

what are you referring to when you say “Non-launch”?


There are certain M8s that came out with high MSRPs and specific colors…most of the deals were on these ones… but this one is not one of those vehicles.

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whats the color combo for the M8?

M8 is pending!!!

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Instock 330i xdrives at 11% pre and beautiful X6 M50i

M8 and X6 M50i sold!!!

Do you have Jan deals for Ohio?

Do you have any deals for Jan in Illinois? @Bacons_C.C