AWD Luxury Sedan lease recommendations

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum but not new to leasing in general (leasing my 3rd vehicle in December when mine comes due). I’m looking for advice as to which cars to look at which may have the best leases lately. I currently drive a 2014 BMW 528xi and I live in NJ, so I really want my next car to have AWD. I know that limits my sedan options to the luxury market pretty much. I would be open to a crossover, but either way, I do want something with the latest tech (at the very least radar cruise control). I’m open to switching brands.

Any recommendations of what luxury AWD high-tech vehicles are leasing best nowadays? I know this will change in the coming months but I do want to at least start shopping. I love the new E-Class and S90 but they just came out, so lease pricing has been awful so far. What out there has the best RV or maybe abnormally low MF that might be worth looking into? I know the 2016 5 series is leasing great but I do want some change, especially knowing the 2017 is a complete refresh right around the corner.

Optioned up, I’m looking for $0 cap cost reduction and in the $600-$650/mo range ideally. Thanks in advance for your ideas and insight!

Can do a 17 E Class. Wont be that much of a discount yet tho.

Bmw 528xi

Thanks Yinzer, agreed, the 17 E-Class won’t be much of a discount. I also see from vhooloo that the 528xi is at a good price, but that’s what I currently have, might want to switch it up a little. So what other vehicles are going for a high discount in the AWD sedan market, any ideas folks?