(AVAILABLE) 2020 Mercedes GLS 450 4matic Demo, $74k MSRP, $665/mo + tax, 1st mo and MAX MSD DAS

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Mercedes GLS 450 4Matic
MSRP: $74000
Monthly Payment: $665 + tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1st month
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7,500
Incentives: N/A
Region: East Coast
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

This is a loaner GLS with about 9k miles on it and a ~19% discount. It’s a white exterior. These numbers are ran for 36/7.5k. The car is on the east coast and ready to be leased. The dealer has drivers to drive it out but only a certain distance, further than that and you would have to take care of shipping the car.

You do not have to qualify for any incentives to get this deal. If you do qualify for any other incentive, those will NOT STACK on top of this. I am not a broker and only posting this deal to benefit the leasehackr community.

If you’re interested, pm me with your zip (or close by with same tax rate), when you would be able to sign by, and any other info you think is necessary.


It’s almost like this is a program…

It’s worked out in the best way so that anyone can get this deal. There are no catches so you don’t have to worry about it when getting the car. Only fair in my opinion.

And if someone thinks they can get 19% pre-incentive and stack those on top, well, glad to be a data point for you! :slight_smile:

I endorse this deal. Good deal whoever takes it should get @Splattered a gift card to his favorite spot.


How much is lease end buyout

Not sure tbh but probably doesn’t make sense to buy it at lease end.

Residual value of msrp to give you an idea. OP posted the MSRP, you can search for RV on edmunds.

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Can you explain your relationship to the dealer if you are not a broker.

Also, what would the monthly payment look like at 12K a year.

Just a customer passing on a good deal for the leasehackr community. I made sure I am allowed to do this with @admins and @trusted_hackrs. As for the 12k, you’re looking at around $715 + Tax. I’ve had multiple inquiries and will be passing the lead to the dealer. If it doesn’t go through, feel free to PM me and discuss!

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GLS msrp of 74k? Does it come with an engine?


It’s very base and there’s a credit for the surround camera system of 2.5k which brings the MSRP down.

A credit because it doesn’t have something?

Correct. There are lots of these GLS’s out there that don’t have the surround view cam but were ordered with that package. They just offered a 2.5k credit on those and it brought the MSRP down.

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That was cool you posted this. Save the negotiation. If I could justify it (and get permission from my wife) would take it :slight_smile:

I am interested, can you message me a picture and interior color. Where is it located I’m in Florida

I’ve passed on several leads to the dealer. Once I get confirmation it is still available, I can send you that information.

Good thread like my swapalease thread, nice to see others pass on deals to the community. Would be cool to see more of this.


The community has helped me so I want to try and share what I can for others to get a great deal and hopefully pass it forward in the future.


UPdATE: This dealer has a few leads that I have passed to them and should be reaching out (if they haven’t already). I hope a user on here gets the car and can enjoy the deal. I’ll post more once I have confirmed the car is leased.