Av3lon Toyota Deals - Highlander LEs $305/mo + Tax with First Month DAS Only!

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New England only for now:

Broker fee: $299.

2019 Highlander LE
Monthly: $305 + Tax
DAS: First Month Only
Term: 36/12k

A few are available.

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I’ve got a few questions on tweaks to this if you’re able to provide some info.

How much with 0 MSDs? Can you do less than 10k miles/yr? What does 36 months look like?

Auto or Manual?

With 0 MSD you’d be looking at $259/mo for 24 months/10k. As far as I’m aware, 10k is the lowest you can go on these but I’ll double check.

36/10 is around $236/mo with MSD and $285/mo without.

This example is an auto. Can look into a manual if you’d like.

Anything on sienna?

Thank you. What does it look like with tax and other DAS rolled in for 11590 area code (8.625%)?

Have some more that I can price out - there a few SR5s and TRD Offroads that are incoming if anyone is interested in a particular build.

I’m in NY so I’ve been told I can’t do MSDs, so what does this look like without them? Or is there a way around this?

You can just not in the state of NY. Most NYers will purchase in Jersey.

What options are listed? Would you ship to Oregon?

I can confirm that NY cannot so MSDs unfortunately. Without them 24/10k is around $259 before tax.

Sent you the overview.

Would you ship to Seattle,WA?

I can find out.

Great! Also, do you have any deals on rav4 now? If yes, I might be interested in 2 cars but 1 for sure.

I’ll PM you.

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Ok.I am on the market ASAP but can wait if you have good deals!

Sent you a PM

Hi I am looking to lease RAV 4 Do you ship to Bentonville Arkansas. Want to close deal end of the month